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  1. This duplicant got stuck on a grave

    "I can't live without you. If you leave then so will I by starvation and suffocation." - Sybil
  2. Dupe stat mismatch

    Waitwhat? That dupe has 0 athletic ability. The trait you boxed in red is strength, not athletics.
  3. Dupes stuck in a loop

    I had this issue as well a while back. I didn't take pictures of it or anything, but I do recall it happening. I think I fixed it by digging out one of the blocks they kept jumping between, but it was annoying. Only has ever happened to me once though.
  4. Dupes get stuck in bizarre places

    This actually happens a lot. They might fix it at some point to where the dupes just jump from higher ledge since they fall anyways with no damage. But it basically happens when there is nowhere for the Dupe to go and something is made above them, or below them I believe. In the case of your Dupe in the pic, he might have made the tile underneath him which pushed them up. He couldn't go anywhere to escape, so he got stuck inside. It's actually pretty funny and I am sure it's intentional to a point, seeing as how the Dupes squirm and are animated for when it happens.
  5. Sounds like Spiders.Not that that's a bad thing. lolAlthough... Might make Hound Teeth all the more easy to obtain, no? And besides, I think hounds attacking constantly AND being the pets of the Macs might be enough already. Don't want hounds to be a CONSTANT constant threat.
  6. Hmm... You know what would be cool? If all the land DID terraform over the days.Like it all went through a cycle like you said. And then the Beefalo actually herd with the Savannah, and each biome has a certain effect on trees and such. Replaceable crops could grow faster or slower depending on which biome they're in with this. When you have either of them in the wrong biome, it grows slower, but much slower when on its weaker biome. Any on Rocky means they never grow or you just can't plant them on rocky altogether. Granted, you can move around the turfs onto rocky and then plant them. Moved turf doesn't change with the terraforming. (Or it could)
  7. Winter is too easy!

    I actually play default all the time, been thinking of just making my map bigger though as a customization. Other than that, I never mess with anything.Winter's very easy once you know how to survive it. I bet, you could tell me your issues with Winter and I can give you a solution, but that would ruin your fun of trial and error and you'd be using my playstyle. lol My style's my own. You'll figure it out. Not trying to sound mean or like I'm some big-shot, I'm just saying you'll learn eventually. And yes. My first Winter was hard! I died. But then I learned of the Beefalo Hat my second round, and passed it by like nothing.
  8. Winter is too easy!

    xDDDMuchi, some players are able to handle Winter much easier than others. Personally, I don't find Winter all that challenging either, but that's because I know how to survive it. Which you do too.366 on the other hand, obviously does not, YET!But I do say that rabbits should spawn less regardless of Winter or not. I get rabbits faaaar too quickly.And if Pigs had protection, one would assume there was a possibility that they could drop that protection. Which would mean gathering Winter clothes might be pretty easy. (Like it's not already! :V)Buuuuut! It would be neat to see pigs wearing protection from the Winter to give a hint. Although one could say that their bodies are resistant to Winter and they have their homes (which I assume is like a 5 star Hotel inside) to keep warm in.
  9. Achievements?

    Or! You can have it like that game "Achievement Unlocked!" where every mundane thing you do is an achievement.Go Left = Achievement!Go Right = Achievement!Jump! = Achievement!That game was stupidly awesome. Just one giant joke that was making a point about achievements.
  10. BAM! :V This shouldn't even be an option regardless if it's a Beta. "It's a Beta" isn't an excuse in this sense. That implies it doesn't need to be fixed, or should stay in the game.The game should be played as if it was already out, that way it's easier to point out the issues and problems as if it was already out. Saying "It's a Beta and I'm going to use this trick to my advantage!" means it should more than likely be something that needs to be worked on. Telling someone to do something that wouldn't be in the final release is like... Buying stock in Enron back then with the knowledge of what was going to happen to it. (If you don't know what Enron is, Google it) Even though the rabbits are smarter, they're still pretty dang dumb enough to still fall for the "Trap on their hole" trick.Exploring shouldn't be because you're bored. It should be an option you want to do, not an option you're left with. Creating a comfort zone I can agree with, but leaving your mark? That's like writing a book and saying "I wrote this to leave my mark" then you toss it into the fireplace. (Since you lose everything once you die) Fighting shouldn't be for the challenge, it should be for survival. It's meant to be a last resort, not the Marines. Harvesting is actually much more efficient than hunting rabbits since it yields products that can be more filling. I don't know about relaxing (which it shouldn't be; being a survival game and all), but it is a little cheap, though that depends on how well you can farm Spiders. (Which is very easy using traps) You know... I have yet to fight a Walrus. lol But I'm sure getting the Tom once means you don't even need to bother with the Walruses anymore. Teeth become abundant when Frost Hounds attack since they drop like, 10 teeth every time. (That's an exaggeration) They're meant to be a challenge though, not a Toothtrap assembly line. "Pigs and reason". You know... I sometimes wonder how they even managed to build their houses. lol The game is supposed to have that lonely feeling, and something that makes you feel not so alone tends to stray away from that. Not saying pigs shouldn't be in the game, but pigs probably shouldn't be in the game. Yeah. Hounds are pretty dang easy to take care of. Though it's when they attack at night or during dusk nearing night is when they're a problem. It forces you to run around with a torch and if you're not careful in the woods then end up walking towards a bunch of spiders, they might become another issue altogether.Which all this is a good challenge. Actually, there's a lot one can do to change that. Like, a WHOLE lot to change that, but yeah. I'm working with what I'm given here.The mobile crockpot idea was meant to fit with the rest of the ideas I said, not as a stand-alone to add in the game. And Dragon Pies are better when combined with farming since they're so cheap. Again, the idea of the chest wasn't meant to be a stand-alone. It was used with the other ideas. Re-read that whole thing from the beginning, then respond to that part. It all goes together to replace things in the game. And it's only a thought really. That whole part is just brainstorming and I really wouldn't push it or anything. It was meant to keep you from hording since you can't walk around with a held backpack. Well... Seeing as how I've only played probably... 10 times (from waking up to death and not counting the times I started up just to test something real quick), I'd still say I'm a pretty new player. I don't play this game that often, but I've learned quite a few easy tricks and such from the times I have. With that said, yes, I do think it's too much. Whether I'm new or not is irrelevant though, since it's late game that will keep players playing anyways and that first experience shouldn't be too easy, nor should it be too hard. It should fit just right. By the logic you just used, we could just have the HP and Damage of all creatures 1 so it's easy for the player. And saying "don't use a structure you think is overpowered" is just silly. It's there, so I'm going to use it for my survival. As will everyone that plays this game. The only reasons someone wouldn't use it is if they didn't know about it, or felt like being counter-productive in their survival. It's like there being two paths, Path A leads to the end, and Path B leads to the same end, but is much longer. Now, if let's say, the objects were locked or unaccessible (Path A didn't exist), then it would make sense to not use that path since it's not an option. The rules of the game are "Survive", not "You can't use these bricks to make a house. You can only chunk them at monsters". (There are no bricks, it's a metaphor) All in all, we're playing a game that's fun. Very fun, but for only at first, then it starts being way too easy. It should be a constant challenge, like the fun a person has doing different Crosswords, Sudoku puzzles, or when playing a friend at a VS game. It's the player Vs the wild. And you want the wild to be like your friend who gives you a good challenge. You win some, you lose some. But if you're always winning, then it's not as fun.
  11. Desert Biome

    lol I see it.I could see something like that in the game.But what does it plug into...? :V
  12. Auto Pause

    Yeah. I thought this was weird as well. I didn't die from it, but when I saw that it didn't pause, I imagined someone could by the Grue or something else.They really should fix this.
  13. Multiplayer?

    Date of what? This thread? I know. lol Felt like putting in my two cents.And the date of the Multiplayer Sticky weeeeeell... I'd assume they said it once so they wouldn't need to repeat it. Plus it's a sticky and IF there was a chance of a multiplayer, then why would they still have it stickied?! :U
  14. Multiplayer?

    lol I could so see a VS mode where players try and ruin the other players with a machine in their worlds while trying to survive in their own that's being messed with by the opponent. Could even make it a 4-for-all.Call it, "VS Survival" or "Survival of the Fittest!"But naaaah. They've said multiple times that they ain't putting in multiplayer. It's even a sticky in this forum! :U
  15. You know. I wonder what Klei's plans are regarding bosses and such. By the looks of it, "bosses" are meant to be hindrances for the player that focuses on something.Treeguard for chopping trees.Spider Queen for farming spiders.Deerclops for turtleing.These aren't "technically" bosses. I suppose they'd be classified as "mini-bosses".Krumpus for farming animals. (In particular, Rabbits)Clockwork Bishop to protect the gate.Clockwork Knights to protect the Teleportato pieces.Tall Bird for its egg.Ghost for Graves.Tentacles for Swamps.Walrus for... Well I'm not sure on that one... I suppose Walrus for exploring...?But for the moment, each creature has different ways you can kill it as to cater to the different play-styles out there. Maybe you like using traps. Maybe you like using pigs. Maybe you like being Rambo and going in full force.