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  1. "I can't live without you. If you leave then so will I by starvation and suffocation." - Sybil
  2. Waitwhat? That dupe has 0 athletic ability. The trait you boxed in red is strength, not athletics.
  3. I had this issue as well a while back. I didn't take pictures of it or anything, but I do recall it happening. I think I fixed it by digging out one of the blocks they kept jumping between, but it was annoying. Only has ever happened to me once though.
  4. This actually happens a lot. They might fix it at some point to where the dupes just jump from higher ledge since they fall anyways with no damage. But it basically happens when there is nowhere for the Dupe to go and something is made above them, or below them I believe. In the case of your Dupe in the pic, he might have made the tile underneath him which pushed them up. He couldn't go anywhere to escape, so he got stuck inside. It's actually pretty funny and I am sure it's intentional to a point, seeing as how the Dupes squirm and are animated for when it happens.
  5. Or! You can have it like that game "Achievement Unlocked!" where every mundane thing you do is an achievement.Go Left = Achievement!Go Right = Achievement!Jump! = Achievement!That game was stupidly awesome. Just one giant joke that was making a point about achievements.
  6. Date of what? This thread? I know. lol Felt like putting in my two cents.And the date of the Multiplayer Sticky weeeeeell... I'd assume they said it once so they wouldn't need to repeat it. Plus it's a sticky and IF there was a chance of a multiplayer, then why would they still have it stickied?! :U
  7. lol I could so see a VS mode where players try and ruin the other players with a machine in their worlds while trying to survive in their own that's being messed with by the opponent. Could even make it a 4-for-all.Call it, "VS Survival" or "Survival of the Fittest!"But naaaah. They've said multiple times that they ain't putting in multiplayer. It's even a sticky in this forum! :U
  8. You know. I wonder what Klei's plans are regarding bosses and such. By the looks of it, "bosses" are meant to be hindrances for the player that focuses on something.Treeguard for chopping trees.Spider Queen for farming spiders.Deerclops for turtleing.These aren't "technically" bosses. I suppose they'd be classified as "mini-bosses".Krumpus for farming animals. (In particular, Rabbits)Clockwork Bishop to protect the gate.Clockwork Knights to protect the Teleportato pieces.Tall Bird for its egg.Ghost for Graves.Tentacles for Swamps.Walrus for... Well I'm not sure on that one... I suppose Walrus for exploring...?But for the moment, each creature has different ways you can kill it as to cater to the different play-styles out there. Maybe you like using traps. Maybe you like using pigs. Maybe you like being Rambo and going in full force.
  9. Yeah. I always thought that's what you were supposed to do. I use berries though since like... Well you just got some berries, then he popped up. Berries would be the obvious choice to put down.Like really. Put some berries on the ground, move away from the berries, and the moment you are far enough, the Gobble-gobble will go for the berries. He won't even stop if you go up to him. With Wes it takes two swings with the Spear.I wonder if it's a bug as well.And I thought the Gobbler went up to the player while they wore the Bush Hat already. You mean it doesn't?! :U
  10. lol It was funny because there was a thread I posted in about showing values in the game to show stuff like that.And if they decided to save Wattson for some sort of character that has to do with lightning, then they could always use Wiki as a character name for the detective. xPBut it would be a neat thing to have a character that shows the values.
  11. WOW this topic is old. xD But still a great one! Because I've always been a fan of the evil circus theme and when I saw you pop this thread up, it reminded me of this song. And while we're on the subject of themes. Metal Town! But yeah. Ghost circus has been a huge theme in my head for things I do regarding themes for quite a while. I even remember playing the arcade game Carn-evil. lol I shot a zombeh Santa! :V
  12. That would be the name of a character who had something to do with electricity or a detective character!(Who would be the only character who actually SHOWS values of foods, creature health, and such! :V)
  13. Yeah. Yeah it would be a nice touch.It's like in Starcraft where every class has their own special skins on the same things.Granted the costs and such differ, but each has the same concept. A base, a gas factory, some drones, flying things, etc.Maybe further in the game's development, we'll see new stories of the different characters (possibly DLC or something) and all those fun changes to make the gameplay that much different and fun!Granted, they wouldn't bother adding more to a game they already sold after a certain amount of time. Would be a waste of resources when they could use those resources for other-newer games and such. Not saying they wouldn't want to, which I'm sure they would want to, it just not good business sense to take care of a horse that's past its prime.
  14. Hmm. Well you do have some points, but even then, like I said, there are many ways to get around Winter.- It's a jungle, and it could constantly be raining/higher rain chances/heavier rain/anything really. - It's a Jungle. There are many dangerous things in those. Endless possibility on new creatures and what-not. - Some sort of creature (or a bunch of creatures) could inhabit the Jungle during Winter that makes surviving in the Jungle during Winter that much more dangerous. Maybe a new kind of giant Deerclops-like creature. Maybe the monkeys or some new creature comes into the jungle to escape the cold as well, thus making it much harder for the player to survive in there. - It could be a special jungle where it snows. Granted, that's impossible in the real world, but nothing's really stopping the devs from going at their own world in unique ways and what-not. Why should they limit themselves to reality? - Buuuuut, IF the devs want to stick to reality THAT much, they could just always freeze over the wormholes during Winter or make kick the player out of the biome in some way. Or (like someone said before), the new -more extreme biomes- could be entirely new islands. No one said all these biomes had to all coexist together on one island. It would really just be a bit of a change from, "Oh it's cold. Now it's hot. These temperatures." It's a survival game. It'd be nice to survive in a different way (in a sense) than what we already have. Don't get me wrong, what we have right now is nice and fun, but for only so long in the game.
  15. The same could be said about the Desert Biome that others have been talking about in the Desert Biome thread.- Aesthetically, the Jungle Biome can fit the game's theme very easily.- Implementation of creatures for the Jungle to act as an obstacle for the player can easily be added, and was even talked about in the thread some.- Winter... Well that was an issue for the Desert Biome as well (Still sort of is), but there are many-many-many-many ways to go around that and such. Just depends on which ways would be the best!Anywho! I is back! :V BWAHAHAHAHA!