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Omg the trees freak me out! Help!!

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Umm... So it was the middle of the night and I was perfecting my little enclosure of trees around my camp by cutting an entrance way WHEN ONE OF THE TREES ATTACKED ME!! How do we get rid of the living tree??? I lured him away from my camp but I'm sure he's still out there... I thought of getting an army of pigs but when I saw him kill my long-time pig friend Twigg in one blow I sorta dropped that idea.....Just when I thought I was finally safe on my island of bunnies and berries...Any suggestions? =$

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Run. Run far. Run fast and hope to lure him to the outskirts where you can forget all about him.I have lost 2 giant tree monsters and not seen either since I lured them to edge of the islands.I think after time they go back to pretending to be trees?

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