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  1. Since hounds will be introduced, maybe tigers/feline creatures can also be added? And it would be so awesome if Sooner or later, there would be an option to tame the creatures like how we befriend the pig men.. They could serve as guardians (you can command them to "stay" at your base/farm; or "guard" you when you're exploring. (On another note, maybe we could also add caves on the map to explore?)
  2. Scarecrows would be a great thing to add to the game! Could be made from pumpkin + sticks + wood + ropes..
  3. I didn't get either of them LadyD.. thought it was just a temporary glitch but I set 4 traps and for 2 consecutive nights, all traps didn't produce anything but the durability lessened for each night.
  4. I've noticed that the Steam version won't allow spiders to be caught with traps? But the durability is lessened when you check the trap..
  5. Oooh thank you SO much for this! Never knew what they were for lol.. (Btw, I think Willow's theme song is Burn by Tina Arena) "I want you to burn.. burn for me baby!"
  6. I'd suggest investing in making traps; they come in quite handy especially if you set up camp where lots of rabbits spawn.
  7. Willow is very adorable with her obsession with flames... My Willow loves to torch the forest when she sees Optimus Pine suddenly appear on screen
  8. Dearie, I didn't suggest that the game be made easier.. (FYI, I've been a gamer since computers still used monochromatic screens) I was merely suggesting to add mini bosses that might drop gold.. (you can actually pick up gold sometimes on the map if you've been playing a long time now) note: please remember this part of the forums where I posted is for suggestions.. I was just throwing out some ideas for the developers to maybe consider
  9. to add:- ability to move/rotate crafted items- removal of spawns/items on the edges which make it impossible to reach- mini bosses of crows/rabbits/any future small, furry/fluffy creatures that would drop gold(?) or other worthwhile rares
  10. Girl gamer here too (an avid one to boot) Though a lot of people may find the girl characters in this game "weird," I find them quite endearing!
  11. I'm from the Philippines and stumbled upon the game through the Chrome Web Store; played the demo and told a good friend of mine about it. (We usually have this contest on who gets more trophies; in this case, who survives the longest.) He liked the game, bought it, and gifted me his extra key for the discovery.
  12. Already got the saving thing fixed *phew* I'd also like to suggest multiple researching.. it takes way too long to click for every item you want to put in the machine
  13. * oh and since Wilson gets to shave, maybe the women can either have long hair or have the option to trim their hair with the razor?
  14. Thank you for the response; weirdly, it won't save for me.. When I do close my browser or my electricity "blinks," I go back to square one with only my research points intact. I believe the tent would've been put to better use if it was used as living quarters instead of a character change feature.
  15. * map/minimap would indicate where the pigs are when you wander off too far * the ability to build/craft your own hut * please add a save (or better yet an auto-save) feature since we all can't play continuously till we die in game or decide to close the browser * ability to upgrade your weapons/tools (like flint to stone; stone to gold?) * make tree stumps disappear after chopping trees (I'll add more suggestions after a few more hours of gameplay)