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Disease Suggestion

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So I'm at the 1000th day on my server. I've picked all the berry bushes on the world and they are slowly dying out one by one from disease. Berry bushes are not a renewable resource. Klei why can't we get a mechanic for curing disease ? At this rate I will loose my berry bushes completely. I don't want to disable disease as it would be considered as cheating. I host a dedicated server.

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 If I remember correctly, plants can't get diseased before 50 days has passed after you planted them.
The easiest and most clever way is to plant all your bushes/tufts/saplings at once in one place. After you're done, place a sign 'Please replant bushes on day x', where x is day of last (re)planting + 50 days. If you come back to camp too late it's not a big deal since disease can appear only if player is around. You just need to replant those plants asap instead of thinking 'I'll do that later'.
 As you can see, it's not that hard to manage disease. I'm not saying that disease is ok, it sucks a lot. There are situations when you really can't do much:

• You play with more people and some of them are untrustful/lazy - they can trigger disease and don't really care about replanting your precious resources. Later they will ***** about disease, I can tell.
• You have over 9000 plants to replant every 50 days. Yeah, disease really discourages players to create large farms.

 Grass isn't a big problem since you can create gekko pen (unless caves, then earthquakes can hurt them).
Twigs can be easily farmed using twiggy trees. The problem is real with berries, no matter if juices or not. We don't have berry gekkos/trees. That's were I can say that juicy berries are better. Reason is simple - replanting them is 3 times faster.
 Of course you don't have to bother with replanting all plants every 50 days if they are located away from base and you visit them only for harvesting.You can just remove plant that is about to get sick (different character quotes) and replant it or let it get destroyed if you realised too late and it got disease. But this way you will almost always have to dig up something, because removing one plant won't 'refresh' timer on other ones.

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Apologies for reviving an old thread, but I just had a server where i dug up and replanted all my crops (small crops of 30 berry bushes, 50 grass tufts, and 50 saplings) on day 320 (conservative estimation) and on day 355 a grass tuft diseased.... so the day 50 mark is misinformation, and if you cannot reliably predict a window of time where you need to dig up your crops and replant them to prevent disease, and the resources that disease destroys is not renewable than I see absolutely no reason to leave on a mechanic that essentially puts a timer on a server.... Especially when I run this server pretty much by myself. (My friends occasionally log on and  eat my food....)

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