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I like the idea of an encyclopedia or bestiary, but I feel that is a stand alone thing. I was thinking about a journal myself and saw this suggestion. I think it would be more something that takes up an inventory slot, so you may not always want to keep it on yourself. And it could be crafted from paper and maybe pig skin? Or some other type of material similar to leather. Maybe also make it semi difficult to come by, and a lot of people will not want to waste their time with it. But I think it could be useful. I could very easily see myself writing in it. Here is an example of what someone's journal page could look like

Journal Entry 1 : Wendy

It is day 5. I have yet to find any pigs or beefalo, and I am short of stone.

Within the next few days I need to try and find some manure and possibly a stone biome.

Journal Entry 2 : Wendy

It is now day 16. I'm doing well for myself. Found a wooden thing and have gathered all of the components.

I have a small farm, and several outposts across the map. Winter approaches soon.

I need to find and kill a Koalephant to prepare.

Also steer clear of the worm hole near the Tallbird nest.

On the other side is a walrus camp and I am not yet strong enough to face them.

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I actually like the idea but taking it as a different approach. After crafting the bestiary and killing or getting hit by a monster/animal it updates the book with information/story/funny stuff about each subject. Maybe not a useful item or build for every game but at least a fun item/read till you kill/or get smacked around by every monster/animal.

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I like the idea, add the option to export journal in txt format and it would save me the problem of running MS Word in the background when I play the game.Plus sometimes when i jump into the game after a few days break I never remember what was my plan...

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