Piggies -- the oink-tourage -- piggy's a Lumberjack, and he's okay!

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.. he (sits by the fire) all night and he work's all day!

Pig learning!

Pigs, or as I like to think of them, my oink-tourage, are helpful lumberjacks. It get's annoying when they stop chopping trees simply because I have started collecting logs, but they are only pigs, after all.

I was wondering if we could have a way to train the pigs to help collect the logs, pine cones and charcoal bits?

Maybe anytime you pick up one of these item's, there is a small chance (10 - 15% ? ) -- call them learning points -- that a member of the oink-tourage will pick up all of the same type within a small area, and bring them over to you to drop at your feet? Give him a piece of meat, and increase the learning points b two or three.

once the chance gets high, over 40 or 50% maybe, that pig has a chance to pick up that item even if you havent started yet -- but, at this point, if you don't reward him with meat, the learning points decrease by five or so, but if you do reward him, there's only a small chance that the learning points increase. keep it this way until the learning points get to 30 or so, then the pig reverts to the original state -- where he only checks to collect when the player does.

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they should also make the pigs interact with their houses more maybe leave some manure in there as well for you to collect or maybe they can get the resources they picked up and leave them in there for you to collect after a hard days work

Feed the pigs non-meat food, and they produce manure for you. This was more helpful before the garden changes, when a garden would produce 2 items instead of one.
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except.. the new farms produce one fruit now. using that fruit to get one manure to fertilize the garden to grow one more fruit is a zero gain.(I've only made the turbo farm plot since the farming changing... i don't know if the other farms produce more than one or nor.)

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