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  1. I doubt such a thing deserves it's own thread. But I did a search here, and did not find it. The Visit Forum button on the new welcome screen does not do anything -- well, it does highlight and animate, but no other action is triggered. Beta 68318 11/1/12 12:45 PST
  2. Unreachable grass?!

    Whoever said a butterfly can't fly over water!
  3. I can't drop pine cones

    Well... build 68284 did drop the entire stack of deployable items with ctrl-click. I noticed it returned to the drop-one-item behavior in 68318. pity, because without the [drop stack] command you can no longer neatly stack them. drop a stack of 32 deployables is a bit annoying in 68318.
  4. Unreachable grass?!

    I just tried to pick up a flower and a sapling growing on the edge of the land, Beta 68284. I was unable to pick it up. I think the path-finder is trying to move the base of character to the base of the item before picking it up. The the same path finder determines the character will be in the water, so stops to look for a different path, and ends up in loop, until interrupted by the player. I can think of a few ways to fix this.1 -- determine the minimum distance between object base and border that the path finder needs, and test for this minimum distance during world creation, and reject items placed too close to borders. This approach would "fix" this for all new games started in new lands, but it would remain for all players who do not make a new land. Since you won't be altering the path finder, it would be less likely to accidentally add new bugs.2 -- have the path finder determine of the object is on a border, and then determine where to guide the character to in that special case. This will fix it for all players, new land or not. Since the border might exist on any surface of the object, and the player has the choice to approach that object from a very wide angle, this calculation seems complex, and might introduce other bugs.3 -- add additional self tests to the path finder. The path finder should know how far it's destination is. It seems like the path finder calculates a straight path to the target. Should any collision occur on route ( a tree, a pig-house, etc ) the path finder nudges the character to one side or another until the path is free, and then the character continues on a straight path again. The method works in general, although it can get a bit tied up trying to move among densely packed items. But no amount of nudging will move the character around a border like the seashore. If your collision detection could keep track of how far the character moves in a game tick then you can use that information test for other paths. Right now, when trying to pick a border item from say the seashore, the character approaches the object, and while movement stops, the moving animation doesn't stop. If the path finder were able to test for a change of position on the map over time, you'=ll be able to realize that the character hasn't actually moved over the two or three game ticks. Once that is determined, you can put in a "close enough" test. If the character isn't getting any closer, but the item is "close" -- go ahead, stop where you are, pick the item up. If the character is not getting closer, but not close enough, try to find a different path, like moving several positions at 30 or 45 (or 120) degrees to the current path, then re-evaluate the travel path.
  5. I can't drop pine cones

    Dropping with [ctrl-click] is working. However I still prefer the [right-click] = [drop held item]. Even the change to [right-click] = [return held item to belt] was somewhat annoying. I don't as a rule build chests until I get a lot of piles laying around. This means I drop things around my camp nearly as often as I pick things up. I gather a bunch of things, go back to camp, drop them, then go get some more. It seems to me the most common functions for the mouse would be (in order) Pick Up Item Use Item (chop, mine, attack, add fuel, open chest, etc) Drop Move Examine I put [Move] low on the list because it is the default action. The only mouse action that doesn't incorporate [Move] is [Examine]. Make [Drop] a [ctrl-click] for deployable items instead of a [right-click] doesn't make sense to me, given the much more common use of [Drop] over [Examine] You already have [left-click] as modal. Left-clicking when holding a deployable item, will -- deploy -- the item. Left-clicking when holding a non-deployable item, drops the item. Left-clicking a tree changes based on the item in the [use slot] May I suggest [right-click] when empty is [Examine], but [right-click] when holding an item drops the item?
  6. Storyline?I'm hoping that the final version will have some sort of storyline attached. Who is the guy who appears in the opening scene? Does he have some purpose in mind? Is he a good-guy or a bad-guy?How did (character) end up on this island?Why was (character) brought to this place?Is there any hope of getting back home?A storyline like this could be delivered in tidbits. Scraps of paper found laying about... perhaps the remains of a dairy of a former castaway, now long dead. Or dug up from the graves? Rare random drops from slain enemies?Working toward an eventual goal (like rescue) beyond tedious day to day survival would bring a lot to the game.
  7. except.. the new farms produce one fruit now. using that fruit to get one manure to fertilize the garden to grow one more fruit is a zero gain.(I've only made the turbo farm plot since the farming changing... i don't know if the other farms produce more than one or nor.)
  8. Feed the pigs non-meat food, and they produce manure for you. This was more helpful before the garden changes, when a garden would produce 2 items instead of one.
  9. .. he (sits by the fire) all night and he work's all day! Pig learning! Pigs, or as I like to think of them, my oink-tourage, are helpful lumberjacks. It get's annoying when they stop chopping trees simply because I have started collecting logs, but they are only pigs, after all. I was wondering if we could have a way to train the pigs to help collect the logs, pine cones and charcoal bits? Maybe anytime you pick up one of these item's, there is a small chance (10 - 15% ? ) -- call them learning points -- that a member of the oink-tourage will pick up all of the same type within a small area, and bring them over to you to drop at your feet? Give him a piece of meat, and increase the learning points b two or three. once the chance gets high, over 40 or 50% maybe, that pig has a chance to pick up that item even if you havent started yet -- but, at this point, if you don't reward him with meat, the learning points decrease by five or so, but if you do reward him, there's only a small chance that the learning points increase. keep it this way until the learning points get to 30 or so, then the pig reverts to the original state -- where he only checks to collect when the player does.
  10. Interface It's nice to be able to interrupt a clicked action, but I'd also like to queue actions up. pick up that grass, then chop the tree.if there is still some alt-click, shift-click, ctrl-click combination (or possibly middle-click or right click?) left unused, this may be a way to accomplish that and leave the instant interrupt available.
  11. Interface improvement: object priorities. Sometimes objects are hard or impossible to select when they fall behind other object. usually, a little patience is all it takes, with some repositioning of the character to see things at a different angle. But this can become very frustrating at times. I was in forest at night, when a spider attacked. I whacked it with my torch, and Soon the whole forest was ablaze. I returned the next night, ( I was trying to collect fireflies, and there were several in that area) The interface would not let select anything other than the burned trees, no matter how careful I was in attempting to select the fireflies, pinecones, etc. Eventually the spiders returned, and I was unable to select any of them to attack. Fleeing, I ended up surrounded, and died quickly. another time, I was in combat at night, belt full. I was being attacked by three or four spiders. I'd kill one, and try to attack another, but the interface registered a click on a silk (or monster meat) instead of attack. so the cursor is suddenly holding an object, and the character stops everything else he is doing to tell me his hands are full. I cannot attack again until I click somewhere on the ground to drop this item. Precise clicking in combat is a problem when I'm moving to avoid incoming attacks. the enter screen is shifting under the mouse. I'm sure this is why this sort of thing has happened to me more than once. perhaps if you assign click priorities to object types, (along with scanning a small area around the click location, a circle of 10 or 20 pixels maybe?) object types I'd suggest, low to high priorities, mapped: non-mobile objects tied to the map: trees, grass, stumps, boulders, ... drops: object that appear as a result of player actions: logs, sticks, rocks, food, ... opponents: mobiles that can be targeted for combat or other actions (Give) beefalo, spiders, bees, ... if a log falls directly behind the stump, the log, having a higher click priority, can easily be picked up. Or, the player can move through the burned out remains of a forest, and still collect items from the ground, or fight the spiders...
  12. Knowledge: Prepare a list of tips, hints, and detailed descriptions about objects in the game, ranging from obvious to subtle to inside info. then every time the players interact with the object, they gains one knowledge point. perhaps the first time, they gains two or three. put the object in the Science machine and get four. when they players get a certain level of knowledge, the player is shown the tidbit, and this tidbit is recorded in the Logbook and cycles through the "Examine" responses. Example: the evergreen. 0 knowledge points: "It's all Piney" 2 knowledge points: "I wonder if I can use that somehow" 4 knowledge points: "A better axe might last longer" 8 knowledge points: Tree growth related comments for examine - "If I let that grow, I'll probably get more logs"/"That tree will die Soon" 16 knowledge points: "This log will burn longer if I use some kind of kindling." and so on. The more knowledge tidbits that can include per item, the more entertaining this will be. Although you probably wouldn't want to keep it on an exponential scale!
  13. Items: Backpacks! Backpacks have 4 storage slots. Each slot stores only one full stack (32 items) of one specific type of item. backpacks can only be carried in the Use slot, never on the belt. Miner Backpack flint, rocks, gold, sticks(?) Hunter-Gatherer Backpack berries, carrots, flowers, seeds Lumberjack Backpack logs, pine cones, sticks, grass Advanced recipes-- as above, but with one additional slot for a torch, to allow for nighttime exploring Logbook! Something to make after you make all that paper! A place for the user to type notes. Additionally add an automated daily entries. A list of things collected, made, or used during the past day, special log entries when the player encounters new activities. (first tool made, first combat, etc) most programs have a log available to use for debug purpose. This can be a stylized version of that.
  14. Maps: Map markers: I'd like to be able to place a pin on the map and add my own note to it. Like "i dropped some stuff here" or "good place to trap rabbits" This update can easily supplant requests for additional specific items being shown on the map. Map way points. a single map marker could be checked as a way point. Then an arrow circling the clock (like a compass point) could appear. The arrow could change in size based on distance. small for far away, bold and fat for very close.
  15. I have a few suggestions for the map, new items, and another feature...