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Frickin VOLANO ERUPTIONS ~ Help required

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Tjally    19

This is the fourth life that I got all the way to day 65, and the fourth time that the volcanic eruptions ****** me over. And admittedly, three of those times were me. I was gaping at something else and didn't see a shadow in time, or I got into the wrong boat and got sunk. 

However, THIS summer... I got completely no warning whatsoever. I was playing as Woodie, and was busy chomping up all my trees near base in werebeaver form. I didn't eat a single log, and waited to transform back - as soon as I start picking up my wood... You guessed it! Volanic eruption! My entire base has now burnt down, because I didn't get a warning. No screen shake, not even a SINGLE rumble or mention of something from Woodie. 

So, now that I am pretty much screwed and doomed to die even though I have a second touchstone left, I would like to ask for some tips to survive these stupid sky fireballs. 

Up until now, I've been clearing out all the plants and rocks on a nearby island and making a tiny base there to flee to when the barrage starts so nothing valuable is lost.  Is it smarter to go out on the sea when the fireballs come? Is there a rock I can crawl under to live? These eruptions are seriously spoiling my fun with the game since I can sincerely not get past day 68 no matter what I do! 


Greets Tjally 

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Maslak    4,225

You should think about making a special area just for dodging those Dragoon Eggs falling from the sky. You can select an island close to your base, you will just go there when eruption is about to happen. Dodging eggs on land is much better, because with log suit (and helmet, but not required) you can survive some hits. Dragoons may spawn, which means there is a chance to obtain hearts. A lot of lava pools appear, which will left rocks after disappearing. You can stockpile ice and use it during eruptions to extinguish those pools, this is good way of farming obsidian if volcano is not found yet or if you just don't want to blow up obsidian boulders.

If you're not against mods, you can check this out - It really helps.

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