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  1. If I don't have at least 1 full stack of twigs and grass, it's my solemn duty to find more. I just don't feel safe without it.
  2. My biggest fail I can remember was with the DLC and the iceflingomatic. I had just built it for the first time and had a fire lit. I was reorganizing my backpack and turned it on, only for it to extinguish my fire. Uuuuhhhgghg....
  3. If they don't add it there will be plenty of mods to fill the gap anyways.
  4. Oh ,well in that case I didn't understand the question correctly, sorry!
  5. Well, I am imagining it in a different way. If you all spawn on small islands with limited resources, you may need to get it from anotehr player. If it's balanced enough, you may have to fight or trap other players to get their stuff so you can survive. I see what you mean with the characters not seeming like they'd kill eachother, but I feel like attacking other players should be possible, same as with befriended pigmen. I voted before I commented.
  6. I think it should be an option. I don't think it'd have to be it's own gamemode, but player damage on or off would do nicely.
  7. Seeing as how you immediately turn into a skeleton, maybe bone bits would be a better drop for dead players? It'd also make sense that spiders or other mobs would eat all the flesh on a dead player.
  8. HOLY CRAP this is AMAZING! I'm just- i don't think my day can get better now I have SO MANY FRIENDS TO BUY THIS GAME FOR NOW! YESSS!
  9. Appearantly I forgot to follow this topic! Hrmp! Well, I corrected that mistake and I read up on the story. I like where it's going so far
  10. Uh, I just read through all the comments, is it more like an RP? Are we supposed to roleplay ourselves? Or OC ourselves into Don't starve?
  11. I'd love to join in if you'd have the character I made ^^ Name: Wailt Covered completely in feathers, the Black, Blue and Red colours. Has long thin legs and arms that go from heavily feathered to black, bald and clawy He has two eyes that glow from within the feather-heap, he has no beak or wings. He is about a head taller than Wilson's in game model ( not counting the hair) Pro's: Increased damage to fleshy-enemies and a little bit of extra insulation in winter. Cons: Refuses to eat anything but raw meat, does not eat monster meat, and gets hungry fast. Personality: Dubious Gets along terrible with beings made of flesh, as they are all potential food. Is not bent on being mean, but generally puts himself before any other fleshy creature. As long as fed, he is pleasant company, and willing to help out on more than one occasion. He dislikes talking about himself or others, and is mostly interested in food and feathers. He has an obsession with bird feathers. Pet: He has a walking cane that he uses for company, and which he cannot use as it is too short for him. It has a face carved into the tusk to resemble a bird. He does not talk to it while in company of others, and he hides it in his feathers.
  12. I was invited to co-write a fanfic, but the co-author stopped replying at one point... I made the complete fic on my own... but the person I made it for has been offline for Months :(

    1. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      I say publish it and honor their contribution.

    2. Tjally


      I already did :) It was the story you beta'd for me :)

    3. Electric


      Still Alive ! Sorry.

  13. It's always a tragedy when that happens :(

    1. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      when what happens?

    2. Tjally


      I was trying to reply to your Status, but I messed up and posted my own statues. Ouch. >,<

    3. the truthseeker
  14. Will it be a summer related mob, like Deerclops? Oh man, like Don't starve wasn't trying enough to kill me ;~;