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Adventure+ (Lost Shard)

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I have created a mod for an alternative adventure. In this thread, you will find a brief description on the most notable technical parts of it.

For gameplay-related discussion, go to the download:

ModMode - Custom Gamemode

I didn't want to override adventure mode, I wanted to create an alternative campaign. Making a new gamemode for this felt like the best approach, eventhough it requires a few changes to get adventure-specific things in (e.g. different teleportato).

The game is suprisingly good at handling unknown gamemodes. This probably has to do with the Lost Fragment, which makes a custom gamemode its bossfight.

Of course I could have used topology (caves), but that would have made things just the more complicated. Making a gamemode is overall easier and allowed me to copy large amounts of code from Adventure Mode and Lost Fragment.

A whole new World - Custom Levels and Void Walking

This is without doubt the most fun and yet tedious chapter.

Every world requires a new level, making six levels in total. Custom levels can do a lot of things, such as disabling waves, changing worldgen settings and manipulating the startpoint. Unfortunately I still had to create postinit functions for some things (e.g. breaking disabling cliffs), which in turn requires knowledge on what level is currently being loaded. This is the main reason the levels are always in the same order.

In world 2 - "New Faith" - the player is dumped on a solitary swamp island with nothing but black around it. There are actually invisible bridges leading to the remaining islands. To achieve this effect, I disabled waves and set the ground turf of the connection to an invalid number. That left me with the cliff to get rid off somehow. Instead of doing it properly and preventing the texture from getting set, I found out that trying to set it again clears the texture. This is, of course, insane from the coding prespective, but it leaves us with some lovely invisible ground.

Let's do the Time Warp again - Time Switches and Time Control

While I was making this mod, I noticed a little thing called "timescale". It is only used to pause and resume the game by setting it to 0 and back. Suprisingly, there's a function to change the default time scale.

  • I noticed that the following is affected: physics, animations, clocks, basically anything that uses ticks or is paused when you hit ESC.
  • Sounds and music playback are not affected by the time scale, which is why I removed the two more extreme switches.

Naturally, I proceeded to script the Time Switch seen in world 5 - "Time is Fleeting". While doing that, however, I noticed a distinct lack of ways to get the current default time scale. Instead of doing it properly and making an API or plugin or something to take care of that, I decided that nobody and nothing but my time switches are allowed to use this. Nah, just kidding!

Before making a mod manipulating the time scale, you should probably rectify this situation and make a proper mask or something alike to improve accessabilty.


Also, this mod edits most console commands to do silly things in AM+, to prevent cheating. It also hinders mods like Hack The Planet.

Questions? Feel free to ask! (no walkthroughs)

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