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I think it would be a good idea to add walls and light to the game. So you could make a base/house etc. Maybe some other method of transportation besides walking, like a railway or something. Also, they should add more passive animals, like chickens, or deer and stuff. More places to get meat and things. Thanks, tell me if you agree.

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Those ideas would be nice. I honestly read a lot of ideas that would be great, but many of them lead sorta into a path of minecraft. Many ideas are things to help someone survive when the game should be that you will eventually die, and you must die.... until story mode comes out.

I feel this game needs more difficulty, and very little more to help someone build a turtling camp. I almost feel that things like the krampus and hounds don't help much and are more of just a nuisance.

Hopefully with this new secret mob and the addition of the sanity meter and seasons that it will help make this game more difficult.

I find myself turtling quite a bit until I think of some goal that I want to accomplish, and then I plan it out, based around the hounds, and then I set out to do whatever I wanted to do.

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There has been talk about fences being added to the game. There has also been talk of a new passive mob that I believe it will is the deerclops. Also to Mention there were many suggestions for rafts to be added to replace stone bridges. But for the light suggestion I would like to see a sort of tiki torch light source that takes charcoal and sticks to make it and is brighter than a pumpkin lantern and you have to use a regular torch to light them up at sunset. So it would be a light source to make later in the game.

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