When it rains...

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It pours. Join me for a tragedy.

It all started on a new world. A new huge world for Warly the chef.



 Early exploration proved quite fruitful.Two islands in and I already found my first doydoy. . The doydoy was moved the next morning to a desert island to the east and further exploration of the island revealed plenty of mushrooms,  spiders, reeds and even a few fisher merms.
"As good a spot as any for a base" I thought to myself.

Further exploration changed my opinion drastically.



It was the Perfect Base. Monkeys and bees to the south-west, Yar and the Volcano to the south.  All the base needed were a few twigs, palms and grass tufts and it would be set for the rest of the game. 
I was wrong, so wrong.


It was going well, I was stocked on all the necessities, 4 chests full, 3 bee hives, 6 improved farms. I wanted for nothing. I was the king of nature herself. If not for one fatal mistake it would still be so.

And so begins the end.
 Indulging my curiosity I delved into the volcano for the very first time and found the renowned coffee plants and lots of them. All withered unfortunately but that was a minor issue that manure would solve soon enough. I returned to the surface world only to find that the Hurricane season had suck in without me realising it. I rushed away to collect the one resource my base lacked. Sand, such a common thing but so vital for the season that now loomed menacingly. 

I spent a day in the ever worsening weather collecting a few piles worth of it before heading for home in the dark. As I arrived night was just falling and fire was the focus of my mind but a single sound changed that, a sound hidden amidst the howling winds.

It was the sound of lightning.

I had forgotten about it. I had no lightning rod!

I rushed through my stores. grabbing the stone and gold needed, crafted a rod by dying torch light, reached out to place it and....


It was too late, by a split second it was too late.

The fire kept spread.


The Perfect base, gently tended
In a moment
In a flash
Utterly ended.

The end.

After that last screenshot I quite the game.
I haven't the heart to go back and face the fire just yet. In my mind the flames burn blindingly bright amongst the ruins of my smoldering home.

Come everyone, share with us your dooms.
That one mistake that cost you everything.
Please, share your grief with him who grieves.

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3 hours ago, sirscrubbingtont said:

I'm really hoping you alt F4'd your way out, so it might be saveable.

your name fits that statement quite well. we don't alt+f4! we die for our mistakes!

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16 hours ago, sirscrubbingtont said:

I'm really hoping you alt F4'd your way out, so it might be saveable.

No f4 for me thanks. I tried that before, a long while ago and it did nothing. Now I just accept my mistakes and live (or die) with them. It's part of the fun now to take screenshots of the last moments when everything goes wrong.

Interestingly enough when I reloaded to see what I could save the fires were all out, a bug I guess. Not really a good thing mind you. It was night, windy, torch just about finished and I had placed all my grass in one of those chests while rushing to get the lightning rod up. I only survived by hugging the lighting rod till morning. It was salt in the wound to be sure.

Now the damage report. I lost all the infrastructure,  science machines and palm leaf Hut were gone.

As expected most of the chests' contents were burned up as well, another big chunk of the stuff was blown into the ocean during the night, some of it sinking some floating. The only supplies that really survived was all the things that don't burn and can't be moved by the wind. Rocks, coral, gold and some equipment.

A sad but funny fact is that a miner hat had survived the fire and if I had been more attentive I could have grabbed it before the torch went out and probably saved far more of the supplies.

I don't know if I'll ever see this world through to the end. I'm heart broken by the losses and it'll be tough without the carefully hoarded snakeskin and bone shards for rain gear. I don't even have a palm leaf Hut and no palms on the island to chop down.


On the plus side I'm still alive and I have a lightning rod.

T _T 

Perhaps I should save this world and hop to it later. We can do that now right?

It really is a wonderful place with the yar and volcano so close.

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