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  1. The solution is simple. Don't give it a full stack at a time. They eat everything.
  2. Those are the old spear guns from before the update. I recently found the same setpiece although this might have crashed my game.
  3. It get it as well. It's fixable by moving a bit after you dig up the sand and only then pressing space.
  4. When I was attacked by Sealnado, he did his attack where he pulls you in but he never spat me back out. The screen was locked on one location and although my character still commented on his increasing water level his model was missing . I managed to bypass this issue by quitting the game and reloading the save.
  5. How about being able to dry mushrooms like we do meat? They're a wonderful item but they are so scattered about it's hard to collect any decent amount of them without considerable effort. Being able to dry them would at least let use stockpile them until we need them.