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How to replenish resources?

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So, I have a great world with a place I always set by some beefalo. But I have a question, on this world there are only 3 rocks to mine, after that there's nothing, is there a way to get more and get a mine of some sorts going? Same for the beefalos. The herd only has 3, can they get more?

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Only 3 Rocks ? Maybe you don't explore the entire world (or you're really, really, really unlucky).

You can't get stone or flint without these rocks (not counting with some flint dropped in the ground).

Beefalos don't respawn and don't have a live cycle (yet) , so you can't get more...

If it's only 3 rocks, restart the map because you'll not be able to do all the stuff with only 3. :(

Good luck.

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