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don't stave together for Xbox one Just DO IT KLEI

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Hey dude, welcome to the forums!

First of all, DST is still in Early-Access even for PC's. PS4 also doesn't have the game :p

Second of all, although I'm not sure of it, I think Klei will develop a console version of DST, but first they'll focus on the PC version and getting it out of BETA, then they'll probably work on the "Through the Ages" DLC, and THEN (or maybe WHILE they work on that DLC) they'll start developing a console version of the game :D

Just remember I'm not a dev, Klei might never develop DST for consoles. This is all just a guess.

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Though Klei is eager and their games are good.

DST just isn't quite finished yet under the hood.

And although releasing on Xbox, they probably could.

I'm struggling to find a reason they would!

It could fragment the community, break it in half.

Losing the wheat and welcoming the chaff.

So, for me, console's a no.

PC for now is better, and there's so many reasons to show.

If you can find a way to prove it's not so.

Then quote me, and please let me know.


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they announced the "console version" of together for ps4 already, the "console version" is not the same that "ps4 edition", then maybe as they bring the console version of regular don't starve first in ps4 and later for the other platforms, they could bring together to almost all other platforms that have the console version already, the name suggest that the game could be exclusive just for a while, Im sure that even the developers are not sure if they could bring a console edition for every platform but if they know and they are working on that in secret surely they bring the news when the game is finished in pc or in ps4

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