Sleep is inevitable

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Prologue: It always gets me a bit nervous to start my own thread in any forum where I'm new, so please do the justice if it has been discussed before and sorry for my English if it's bad.

I actually have seen some posts about sleep/thirst ideas, but maybe my approach a bit diffirent.

Right now, character sleeps only when he\she is using a straw roll, and only in order to skip through the night phase. It's kinda flaws the game's atmosphere (for me, at least).

I don't know about most of the players, but me, personally, when it's gets dark, most of the times I just cook and eat some food, maybe pick some stuff around the fireplace, and then wait.

I guess, devs right now not in the stage of introducing some brand-new game mechanics for sleep, so how about just make an animation of laying on the ground, when the character is idle? There is no need for some new sleep counter, but will create the illusuion of weary survivalist getting small rest when possible. And character will be when doing something, it will look like "was so desperate doing something, that forgot about sleeping".

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I really like this idea, especially since it is just cosmetic and does not need the introduction of a whole new game mechanic!

one little tweak I may add if it pleases though, this animation should only be able to trigger during the night time, I don't want my character to fall asleep during the day if I am idle for a moment, but besides that, very, very nice idea!

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Totally agree. I just read that Straw Roll allows to sleep, so I figured it is only a sleeping animation. Right now it skips night time? Sounds strange. I also completely agree that the night time is a vital part of my playing experience right now. I use it to cook and research most of the time, or build some stuff or plan the next day. I wouldn't want it to be skipped automatically.

How about making it only an animation as suggested here, which is what I really love to have, and add something like a "sleep berry bush" to have something you eat at night to completely fall asleep and skip the night. If you forgot to but the straw roll up, you'll never awake again ^^

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I had the same idea when I was playing too. Just standing in frount of the fire there I was think about how tired my characters legs might be from standing for days. I'm going to make a drawing on this it would look really neat having wilson sitting in frount of a fire at night cooking food.

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