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[Mod Progress] Warren, The Monster

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Well, I was making a character, I'm not stuck, but i'd like put my progress here. I'm making and mod called Warren, The Monster,

170 Health, 200 Stomach, 250 Mental Integrity

"Sometimes, my humanity start to slip away..."


Edit, I will put some stats when he's on monster and half monster form

Half Monster State.

  1. Damage Multiplier increased by 1,40
  2. Hunger Rate increased by 1,25  
  3. Walk Speed and Run Speed increased by 1.1
  4. Tagged as Monster and Strong Stomach on true

Full Monster State

  1. Damage Multiplier increased by 1.80
  2. Hunger Rate increased by 1,50
  3. Walk Speed and Run Speed Increased by 1.2
  4. Tagged as Monster and Strong Stomach on true
  5. MAYBE, Magic knowledge increased by 1

The Stats is highly modificable, if you can and wanna put some ideas, comment this post. Feel free to do it!

It's an character who can transform into a monster (heh, it's just the wolfgang migthyness.) depending of his sanity. It's still on progress, but I do the best for continue it. Some perks on his monster and half monster states are, being a monster (a quite obvious), attacked by pigmen and catcoons. Gain extra speed, strenght and less insanity aura from monsters(didn't work good), more hunger, and his normal form being without perks. Also an new item.

Monster Hide, Crafted with 10 Monster Meats, 8 Silks and 1 Log suit. Protects you from the 90% incoming damage, increases your hunger rate by 1.25, and your speed by 1.10

And nothing, I would be editing this post, until this mod gets finished!

I have things to do still...

Big Portrait, Finish his monster and half-monster texture. Balance? later I will put his stats


Him. (2lazy4eyes)

----Update Log----

15/1 or 1/15

First Edit

I'm doing the monser and halfmonster face, still, he looks like an half. I'm liking this monster design2016-01-15_00006.jpg.39e0d4a4c0722d739fd

Half Monster from, ignore the hands, i'm going to change that. And his full monster form, still he won't look like an monster

When you get 125 of sanity he will be an half monster, When his sanity is 50 he will be full monster form

The amount of sanity is highly modificable, I'm not sure about get some strenght and speed at sanity cost.


17/1 or 1/17

Second Edit.

Possible another form, a quarter monster form, and buff some stats (this could be only an possibility, not totally confirmed)

As you can see, his monster forms looks still not so very monster just some beard grow, I think I cannot do much, but I will try do the best to change his texture, but his "beard" texture I won't, looks awesome for me! I finished the hands textures (yeah, I was a quite lazy xD)


Warren mounting a beefalo and an his Early texture hair. (also, his head texture took me 3 or 4 times to perfectionate it) After finish all his texture I will start with quotes.


Third Edit.

Sleeping? I'm thinking about add him an Pillow and sleep with that, can be used anytime (I should find the code for that) and recovers only sanity in exchange of hunger. I guess that poor guy should sleep. But whatever, it's all his fault!


Just, An images of the Pillow and bed sheet, 5 Uses, restores 1.75 of sanity per tick and consume more hunger (still I don't know how to make it useable anytime) and all his heads

2016-01-21_00004.jpg.37fcd96f428d5ece151 56a06e6caa13c_warrenevolutions.png.255bf

Yes, All his headbases. The first one was the headbase-0.sai who looks like Wissphar but red haired, The another one was a quite tiny, So I changed it to another redhaired version this one was the good one, I talked with my friends and they told me could be more better if I use normal black hair color. So I used the black hair, plus, that thing called brainfood. Well, the name says it all. ¿No? Another little thing, First time I tried to do Varik, from the Earthbound Halloween Hack. That why the edgy redhead and with an weird hair.

Also, I thinked about the character attack multiplier, I don't know, but i'm trying to change it to another better.


Warren it's close to be released. I have some tweaks to do, btw, He has an tail on his full monster form. Some changes maybe are his eyes. But, That isn't coming now. The last things to do is test thing who I can add him.

Ah, I forget to tell.. Warren Pillow will regain 2 sanity per second and 1 of life per second.


Well, This mod it's still on update, I didn't forget it, it's just I'm updating somethings of Wisspharr SW


This is not an Wissphar progress, But I'll put it cuz YOLO. He's going to change in some ways and balance the Long Spear, Now it does less damage, has 60 uses but does high damage on water, and spear ranges will be increased, Wisspharr design will change, all except his eyes and face, hair changed a bit, removed the light blue hair, removed his strong feet and more thingies. Well. I stop puting this, It's not Warren related. I just did this because i won't make an Wissphar progress


Whoa. I wasn't working on him, a lot. I was just, helping people with some of their mods. Also, @mf99k provided me an character portrait, which maked my mod progress more easy, the mod should be done on 2 days. Still left some quotes. thanks a lot mf!!

So, Things to done.

Balance Warren's Pillow and Quotes. (maybe... his eyes.)


The mod is finished.

Thanks! many thanks for all the people who like this mod!

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Last Update 4/3
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12 hours ago, NyctoDarkMatter said:

This is interesting. Might I suggest looking at the Siesta Lean-to code for sleeping during the day? And maybe combining the Siesta Lean-to code and your current code to make sleeping at any time viable?

Could check it, Thanks for the suggest!

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