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  1. @DarkXero I finally got the chance to test it and it's not fixed. Any other ideas? Dropbox Download If you're not comfortable downloading I understand, but that's the updated ZIP for you to take a look at. Probably only needed winston.lua but it's probably helpful...
  2. Won't be able to test until tomorrow but I appreciate the help DarkXero. Will comment if more help is needed.
  3. Sorry about that, @DarkXero. The client crashes and that is the client's report. Server disconnects client. Server continues running. Same version as I save test builds in a different folder, plus this was originally reported with the client's friend and his server. However, the code causes the player to gain armor and to automatically equip it when someone logs in. If you need it, I can give you any prefab file you need, such as winston.lua which is the player, or skarmorstalwartplate.lua if you need the armor's code. Sorry about the lack of info. I'm usually better about that. >.>
  4. Alright, guys, do your stuff. This happens with the current build of Shovel Knight - Revived while one Shovel Knight is logged in and another one logs on. No idea what to look for since what I see points towards inventory.lua in base DS code.
  5. Hey! So this one is simple, and I'm not sure where to start as I've never told the game to change sanity levels immediately before other than eating foods. It may be more complicated than I ask, but I want a certain weapon to, onequip, set the player's Sanity level to a permanent, unfixable 0. The only way to raise the sanity back to the value it was before would be to unequip it, thus being under onunequip. Is there a way to tell the onequip code to save the sanity value under something like "player_sanity_old" and set their sanity to 0, then when the player unequips it, tell it to load "player_sanity_old" and change it back to that? I assume it's not super easy but I want the weapon to do more than induce sanity, be it that it's a weapon of sadism. For those curious, it's the Also keep in mind that I only want the person equipping it to feel these effects, and if easily added, I want a large sanity drain around the character holding it. Alright, forums, let's see what ya got!
  6. This is all very interesting. One thing I was hoping for, though. Bryce, will we be able to have Don't Starve: RoG-exclusive mobs spawn in Shipwrecked if we have both in config settings? Or biomes and stuff like that? If not, will there be a way to transport them (perhaps Telelocators in different worlds would be supported)? Because I would love to try to have a deadly fight with a Dragonfly in the middle of the Ocean, having it flying over the Ocean to chase after me and spitting fire (still in the ocean). That would be awesome, though a part of me is doubting it will happen. Do you have any thoughts on this?
  7. Version 1.1.1


    Hello, guys! Bringing the v1.1.1 Update to the forums because of 5,000 Steam Subscribers. Yay! If you have no idea who Zoidberg is, I suggest you watch Futurama. It is highly entertaining, and lots of fun for everyone. WARNING: This mod does contain some foul language. There is no way to disable it as of now, so don't download it if you don't want it. If enough people request it I may look into making it configurable. STATS: Zoidberg - The Crab of Many Words "Why always the fighting?" Pros: *Yay, it's raining -- Zoidberg gains sanity and gains a slight regen while it rains. He is still prone to freezing, so rain still sucks. *He can make a slinky -- Zoidberg can craft pet slinkies, as well as begin with one. It gives him a slight sanity boost when in the inventory, which does not stack with other slinkies. However, these slinkies are very dangerous, and should only be held by Zoidberg or other human hands. Giving them to chests, Chester, or dropping it on the ground results poorly. *Hooray, he's useful -- This can mean multiple things, such as the fact that he has custom audio or the fact that he's got custom lines (both of which are WIP; more on the TO DO list). It could also reference the fact that his bare claw does 55 damage without a weapon. That said, he gains no bonus from weapons. Or that he runs fast. Various buffs. Cons: -- The slinkies are dangerous. -- He loses hunger 1.5 times faster (not tested, but SHOULD be in place). -- Has low stats overall. -- Starts with a slinky. This can be bad if you run out of inventory room. Or if you die, since your stuff is probably flammable. (That should give a hint on the stuff, for those of you who read everything.) Basic Stats: -- 130 Health -- 180 Hunger -- 100 Sanity Special thanks to sorachan8 to making the artwork, as well as DarkXero for a lot of help with the code! Couldn't have done all of this without you guys! Thanks, and I hope everyone enjoys! TO DO LIST: -- Kill Zoidberg. -- Add more custom lines, the zoidberg_speech.lua is about two thirds done. However, most of it is for cave stuff, so it's not actually that helpful right now. If anyone wants to help (for free) message me and I'll give it to someone who knows more about Zoidberg than I do. -- Add more audio files. Feel free to leave a comment about what Zoidberg moment you want to be made into a sound! Warning, I can only add Examine and Attack sounds. Possibly Death sounds if you want more variety. If the download on here stops working, you can find this on the Steam Workshop as well: If you want to check out another fine mod, and you're feeling futuristic, bite my shiny metal *** and check out Bender by Affenbauch, for Don't Starve Together! v1.0.1 Update: Added some more lines automatically, replacing things such as I with Zoidberg, my with Zoidberg's, etc. if anything doesn't come out right as correct English, let me know which line in particular and I can fix it! (N/A on Forums.) v1.0.2 Update: Fixed broken BURNT lines in the speech.lua. Thanks to Muche for bringing this to my attention about the missing commas. (N/A on Forums.) v1.1.0 Update: All characters should now have custom Inspect lines for the slinky! Even modded characters lines have been altered. Enjoy examining the slinky all you like. (N/A on Forums.) v1.1.1 Update: Apparently WILSON in the code is referred to as GENERIC, which was causing a crash. Rude. I feel bad for GENERIC ol' Wilson. Anyways, crash fixed.
  8. Thanks, dude! It works great now! The regen is just right, and the sanity regen is good without being overpowered! What's your Steam name so I can add you to the list of the contributors once I upload it? Also, are there any other things, perhaps negative things, that you think a Zoidberg character would carry? (Assuming you've seen Futurama, if not, that's fine. Also, I'd love to PM you and talk more about the code. You really saved me there! ^^)
  9. Thanks for the help, dude. May I attach the prefab so you can show me where it goes? That'd help me understand a bit more. I'm a noob at coding, the only thing he does so far is have 70 damage without a weapon (which I get it, that's kinda OP, no need to tell me, I plan to lower it, it's moreso for testing purposes). Anyways, hope you can help me out. zoidberg.lua
  10. Hey! Working on a Zoidberg mod for Don't Starve Together, most of it is complete. I'm wondering what code I could use to make him gain health and sanity in the rain. Any help?