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How about a wind-o-meter, so that you know when there is going to be wind?


Yes it should be crafted like this:


9x gold

9x poison glands

9x bone shards


Than it had potential to be even more favoured than the compass or the rain-o-meter. ^^


But you are right, there should be something like that,

it could also show in which direction the waves go, could be nice for traveling.

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Excuse me, but does rain-o-meter really works? I thought it only tells you it raining when it is raining. :(

Yes, the meter works, at least judging by the code. The function driving the meter's updates accesses loads of data from the Season Manager:

return (self.atmo_moisture - self.moisture_floor) / (self.moisture_limit - self.moisture_floor)

If that isn't meteorology, I don't know what is.

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