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  1. EndoxinAPI

    *realizes several years later that I misread this* Your module is completely fine, my API just provides a central place for the functionality to be sourced from, and also includes loads of other useful functionality.
  2. Myst

    It should be in the writing menu, when next to a Prestihatitator or better. The recipe uses Nightmare Fuel, Ground Gum Arabic, and Ground Birchnut, Pinecone, or Coconut.
  3. Myst

    Version 1.3


    Anyone remember Myst? How about Mystcraft, the Minecraft mod? The basic concept is this: You can write magic books, and then use them to travel to the worlds that these books describe. NOTE: This mod requires EndoxinAPI. Without it, it won't run! Progression: Whenever you cut down a tree, there's a one in five chance of it dropping Gum Arabic. A Mortar and Pestle can be used to grind Pinecones, Coconuts, Birchnuts, and Gum Arabic. Ink can be crafted magically from Nightmare Fuel and ground items. The Writing Desk can be used to craft books and book components, as well as edit Descriptive Books. By placing a Descriptive Book and a quill in the Writing Desk, you can select the name of the book, and its world type. Read a Descriptive Book with at least 75% of an Ink and Quill to finalize it. Reading a finalized Descriptive Book will transport you to the age (world) linked to the book. If you do not have a linking book back, you will be trapped in this new world. Read a Linking Book with at least 50% of an Ink and Quill to link it to your current world and position. Reading a Linking Book in any world other than the one it is linked to will transport you to the linked position and world. Destroying a Descriptive Book will break the links of all Linking Books leading to its age. If the Descriptive Book is inside its age, the age will become inaccessible once you leave.
  4. Tropical Vacation

    What do you mean? Would you care to clarify?
  5. Tropical Vacation

    It should function without RoG, but it requires Shipwrecked (The entire point is to provide a means of transport to/from the Shipwrecked world).
  6. They aren't in Early Access. This subforum is primarily for getting feedback about the DLC, and fixing bugs/crashes.
  7. Tropical Vacation

    Version 2.5


    Ever tire of your dreary old life on the Island? It sounds like you need a vacation! Just hop in this convenient, totally not sinister Shadow Portal! Adds a craftable Shadow Portal in the Magic tab, made from 4 Living Logs, 4 Nightmare Fuel, and a Purple Gem. Using the portal will transport you between the Tropics and the Island (But beware! The portal is one way, and you will need to construct another to return.). The portal is also usable in other realms, and will always lead to the Tropics if not already in them. After a complete rework, version 2.0 is now available! The portal is now fully functional, and can even transport you across DLCs! Any items that cannot make the journey will be ejected before transport (see below). Using the portal in the Tropics will send you to the world you used to get there (caves, Adventure Mode, etc). Portals from Adventure Mode are disabled by default, so you can't bring things in from the Tropics, but this can be changed in the mod configuration. The portal only accepts items found in the base game (specifically those specified in 'prefablist.lua'), so items that are in both DLCs but are not in the base game cannot be transported (potential fix in future). There is a function for modders to whitelist items, look in 'itemfilter.lua'. DISCLAIMER: Credit to Klei Entertainment for all visual and auditory assets in this mod.
  8. Once you download the DLC, your menu should start in blue, with the Shipwrecked main menu, and there should be a checkbox labeled "SW" next to the one labeled "RofG". It worked for me. Are you sure that the DLC is enabled in Steam?
  9. Meteors!

    That's really all it is. It directly recreates the mentioned content (Meteors, Moon Rock, and Moon Rock Walls) from DST. Meteor Showers will occur at random intervals in rocky areas (Requires the world to be generated after the mod is enabled). Meteor shower frequency can be adjusted in the config. As in DST, there is a chance to receive Moon Rock from Meteors, which can be made into walls.
  10. EndoxinAPI

    Yeah, sorry about that. This too was derived from Lawrence's code. In fact, it is used exactly the same way, but with additional support for custom hint text.
  11. EndoxinAPI

    Version 1.6


    A collection of modifications and enhancements to the game's coding interface. NOTE: This does not add gameplay. This is a programming interface for modders, and is intended only to be used for making mods, and running mods made with this API. Current Features: Duplicate Recipes (Multiple recipes can have the same product) Special Ingredients (eg. Health, Hunger, Sanity) Variable Ingredients (One ingredient slot can have multiple options) Custom Recipe Tabs (eg. Tools, Light, Survival) Custom Tech Branches (eg. Science, Magic, Ancient) Drinkable Items (Items that make use of the drinking animation from Shipwrecked) Quaffable Items (Totally different) Custom Worlds (Think U&A) Known Bugs: Potential bug in the custom Ingredient constructor, wherein the 'testfn' parameter is not recognized if the preceding 'atlas' parameter is nil. There is documentation included in the download.
  12. Better Recipes [API]

    (See above)
  13. Better Recipes [API]

    This was made in anticipation of a larger project, wherein I am collecting tweaks and shortcuts necessary for various mods into a larger API-esque thing.
  14. Magma!

    Version 1.0


    This is a quick mod that ports the magma pools found in DST to the base game. It also ports all of the other things found in the set piece that magma pools are in, including the set piece itself. Note that this set piece does not affect the Dragonfly in any way, and Lavae are not added. NOTE: Almost all content was taken from the game, not made by me!
  15. Better Recipes [API]

    Version 1.0


    This is a small API that augments how recipes work. The Ingredient class now has a fourth constructor argument, a list of prefab tags. Ingredients with this argument specified will only qualify to be used in the recipe if the prefab has all of the specified tags. Example: Recipe("goldnugget", {Ingredient("rocks", 4, nil, {"magic"})}, RECIPETABS.REFINE, TECH.MAGIC_TWO) This recipe allows the crafting of four rocks into one gold nugget, but only if the rocks have the tag "magic". NOTE: This mod overwrites the functions CanBuild and RemoveIngredients in the builder component. THIS FILE IS DISCONTINUED. THE MAIN PROJECT CAN BE FOUND HERE.