shoes? faster running,armor

is this a good idea ?  

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  1. 1. is this a good idea ?

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a good idea would be shoes a new slot with a shoe mark.

shoes could have multiple purposes some can make you run faster , more armor like the log armor and football helmet

this is just a idea i have not thought of what should be used to make the shoe(s) im thinking something with pigskin :)

BarovSoap posted a thread about having durablility like spider hats im thinking (running shoes) would be great for this.

while i have been thinking of the shoe designs heres what i come up with

(running shoes) 2redbird feathers +2pigskin = running shoes 100% durablilty (goes down like spider hat)

(boots) 2pigskin + 1-2 tentacle spots= boots (extra armor)

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I thought for a while that shoes were a cool idea (moving faster I mean)

then I realised that if you could move faster surely it would wildly upset balance and make a lot of enemies a lot easier to kite and kill

they would also be a must have, early build and wouldn't really introduce much variety as you'd get so much more done everyday

I think items that offer armour but make you slower are an intersting idea however

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Exactly what Marcuzi said.

the item shoes are a form of armor they wear out and the player is slightly faster

(how i came up with this my world inhabits long bridged areas and it takes me half the day and im hoping to be a lil bit faster than that) since there is a little room on the bar of items to put 1 more protection item why not add shoes they can be used for armor and speed and the kiting wont be any differnt, the jumping spiders cant be kited (n)spiders can be kited and if there is extra speed there is a chance to run away from werepigs and hounds since they run the same speed as you in the game .

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