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[Character Mod] - Weldon, The Demolition!


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Get ready to play one of the most destructive characters in Don't Starve to date!


Craft tons of custom explosives, from hand grenades, to remote detonating explosives, to suicidal bomb vests! Blast, pop, and ka-boom your way through the toughest of enemies the wilderness has to offer!


However due to your characters old age, and long years spent in mining tunnels, his body and mind are very fragile, it's always best to take on any potential threat from a safe distance.


This is my very first character mod, and it wouldn't be what it is without the amazing coding done by mobbstar!


It's not 100% complete yet, but all the features this mod has to offer are all present.

My to do list:
- finish custom dialogue

- add custom voice sounds


Hope you have fun discovering all of Weldon's unique craftables, and please be sure to let me know how you like the character!

If you'd like to view all of Weldons Items and Stats, drop the spoiler below.


Health - 75
Hunger - 150
Sanity - 125

Weldon_Lighter.png.6b8da1fb1c807aa40b0da Remote Detonator

Damage - 17
"Obtained at the start of the game, you only have one, so don't lose it.
While equipped, hovering over items with the 'Detonatable' property, will allow you to, well, remotely detonate them.
Also acts as a lighter, being able to set objects on fire, but does not provide light."


Remote-gunpowder.png.4be8f5634f0d01a1a13 Remote Gunpowder
Damage - 175
Recipe - Gunpowder x 1, Log x 1, Gold x 1
"Can be detonated with your detonator, but deals less damage than regular gunpowder."

Grenade.png.99131ffcc145b019b6547eb20dea Grenade
Damage - 125
Recipe - Twigs x 2, Gunpowder x 1, Grass x 1
"A portable impact explosive, throw at enemies and watch their bits fly!"


56b11c136eaed_Grenadeice.png.383d0bd777e Ice Grenade

Damage - 20

Recipe - Twigs x 2, Nitre x 2, Azure Feather x 1 RoG - Twigs x 2, Ice x 2, Nitre x 1

"A portable impact explosive, freezes enemies in an AOE."

56b11e1eca724_Grenadenofire.png.6f349b86 Pressure Grenade

Damage - 100
Recipe - Twigs x 2, Slurtle Slime x 2, Rock x 1
"A portable impact explosive, will not ignite enemies, saving loot from turning to ash."


56b1208620d85_Grenadeblind.png.b42382171 Dazzle Bang

Damage - 20

Recipe - Lightbulb x 2, Gold x 1, Torch x 1

"Disorients enemies in an area, making them lose interest for a short time."


56b1225aafe7e_Grenadedrain.png.486d81a59 Bat Bomb

Damage - 30

Recipe - Mosquito Sack x 1, Bat Wing x 2, Nightmare Fuel x 1

"A low damaging explosive, that absorbs health in an area."


56b12a30ea1b9_Grenadesleep.png.87a954c2c Boomdrake

Damage - 20

Recipe - Rope x 1, Mandrake x 1, Nightmare Fuel x 1

"Puts enemies to sleep in an area, drops a cooked Mandrake on detonation."


Bombstew.png.41f844968e80572fdf4df2083b5 Bomb Stew

Damage - 100 WhenEaten- 1000

Recipe - Ratatouille x 1, Gunpowder x 1, Morsel x 1

"Deals low damage when used traditionally, but deals devastating damage when eaten."


Landmine.png.f27fa8b81575b50e17df30a012e Mine

Damage - 200

Recipe - Gunpowder x 1, Cutstone x 1, Flint x 1

"Deploy similarly to a Bee Mine, enemies in its proximity will detonate it."


Bucket-O-TNT.png.40628c05f8fdb90639cc0a8 Bucket-O-TNT

Damage - 1800 RoG - 2800

Recipe - Gunpowder x 7, Boards x 2, Papyrus x 3 RoG - Gunpowder x 10, Boards x 3, Papyrus x 4

"Get the most BANG for your buck."


C4.png.19f9c2b13be6b0b9e820e6c21da48602. Breaching Explosive

Damage - 300

Recipe - Cutstone x 1, Slurtle Slime x 10, Guano x 2

"High end remote detonating explosive, won't ignite objects or enemies on detonation."


56b1382bca309_WiredRod.png.55507aed93dfd Wired Rod

Recipe - Fishing Rod x 1, Grenade x 1

"Simply the most fun way to fish."


Demopack.png.7a7566b9325c0feb9d05532cf58 Grenadiers Packsack

Recipe - Breezy Vest x 1, Pigskin x 4, Rope x 2

"Can store explosives, and grants explosive immunity."

Bombvest.png.2efa9b55dd2d6557ba8c1eb8e9e Terror Doublet

Recipe - Gunpowder x 2, Grass Suit x 1, Silk x 2

"Provides a similar sanity aura as the Dapper Vest, when damaged you will deal 500 damage to yourself, and enemies around you." 


Filler.png.46b253a7342e420f9346a6128af6aAtomic Gnome

"Proceed at your own risk. Can only be crafted at a Ancient Pseudoscience Station"

Weldon! <- Link to download page


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