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  1. The things below are some stuff in my mod. I have been trying to fix this for like two weeks now and its really freaking frustrating ;-; modinfo.lua modmain.lua halwen.lua.lua
  2. I also forgot to add that at the top it says, "could not find asset matching anim/ in any of the matching search paths. (Halwen is his name)
  3. (It turns out that I posted this in the wrong forum so now its in the right one.) A character mod I had recently been working on crashes Dont Starve. its not complete since I havent uploaded any art yet. but when I go to the mod page and enable it its totally fine,(it doesnt say outdated etc.). When i try to launch the game it says stuff like... C:/Program Files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve... in function 'resolvefilepath' ^it says the same thing with... Registerprefabs Loadprefabs DoResetAction Complete_callback My mob as i said earlier is incomplete, so my character doesn't have any special ability's or items yet, nor art. I also was wondering how to program the character to say something when he hears the dogs barking, an example would be how Abigail says "The hounds or Baying". thank you for what ever help i recieve. ;-;