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So I had this idea, you plant a spider nest and surround it with a circle of fire pits, it would grow into a queen and although the spiders and the player could go through the gaps in the pits, the queen would be to large to fit. I tested the size of the queen with a wall of fire pits and this would seem to work, however the amount of resources this farm would take is enormous. Does anyone else have any ideas on a more resource conservative farm?Please try to keep posts family friendly, thank you :)

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Dunno about you, but on my map I take a stroll in the forest and bump into about two spider queens per day constantly. Even on my little grassland island where I have made my base camp and have thus cleared out all spider nests. Where do they come from? Nobody knows. What do they want? My soul. Will they have what they want? Eff no. If your map is anything like mine, farming spider queens is as easy as going on a quick expedition.

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