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  1. I think that number three could have some different features included with it, instead of your character asking for a different food the amount of health and hunger that the food fills could be reduced if the player eats too much of a certain type of food.
  2. So I had this idea, you plant a spider nest and surround it with a circle of fire pits, it would grow into a queen and although the spiders and the player could go through the gaps in the pits, the queen would be to large to fit. I tested the size of the queen with a wall of fire pits and this would seem to work, however the amount of resources this farm would take is enormous. Does anyone else have any ideas on a more resource conservative farm?Please try to keep posts family friendly, thank you
  3. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform [*]Chrome Version Number 70861 Issue title Day-Time Abigail Steps to reproduce Using Wendy Wait for dusk Wait for Abigail to spawn Use straw-roll Abigail stays for the day Describe your issue I was using Wendy and decided on a straw-roll to skip the night instead of a campfire, I used the straw roll at dusk just as Abigail was spawning. She spawned in the morning and instead of disappearing she stuck around.
  4. When the game started it was a wilderness explorer and survival game. It still is now but with the crock pot, the turbo farm, transplantable items, bee boxes and the recent addition of the Krampus the developers seem to be pushing more towards the farmer survival style. I myself do prefer this style, but I think it could use more challenge. As a farmer there are very little things that can threaten you when you have settled, the exception are hounds but those can be easily dealt with. Perhaps the developers should add in storms or some other kind of crop destroying thing, such as squirrels to add more challenge to that aspect of the game. However that's just my opinion, what do you think? P.S. Please try to use family-friendly language in this thread.
  5. Also if you had some manner of keeping a small bird from following you every where that would also be useful. I just lost my small bird to hounds while exploring.
  6. Wouldn't it be useful to have some kind of pet whistle to call off your animals from an attack? Or rope a beefalo to bring it home? Leave your opinion below. I myself have lost many a small bird to were-pigs, tall birds and hounds.
  7. How do you get the egg to rock? I tried just placing it on the ground but it just sat
  8. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Chrome Version Number 70528 Issue title Discolored Hounds Steps to reproduce I was attacked by normal hounds. Upon killing one I found it was a flame-hound though it appeared to be a normal hound. Describe your issue Flame Hounds appear as normal hounds, instead of bearing a reddish tint.
  9. How long does it take for a smallbird egg to hatch?
  10. Are Tall Birds affected by the pan flute? I know they were in the previous patch but now after the naughty and nice update, they don't seem to be. Is this new, or a bug?
  11. This has happened to me twice. I had everything unlocked the first time and 570 points stored up.
  12. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 70528 Issue title Research Points Lost Steps to reproduce I turned off the game for the night and in the morning when I logged back in, I clicked 'continue' and all of my research points and everything that I have researched so far was lost. Describe your issue Upon logging in everything I have researched in my game and all of my current research points are lost. This has occurred to me twice.