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Don't Starve Together Wii U

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just wait until the game is finished, then we can pray for a console version, meanwhile there is a single player on wii u and I remember an upcoming Xbox One version, then if in the future don't starve together are in consoles I hope it comes to all consoles,

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Here's how I think the development process is going to go after DST releases officially on Steam.

-PS4 Development Begins

-PS4 Development Finishes

-WiiU Development Begins

-WiiU Development Finishes

I think through the ages will come before any console version, then we could see something like Don't starve together ages edition or something, when the DLC is finished and the devs add caves, more DLC, skins and any kind of stuff that they have in mind, then maybe we would wait for a console version for ps4, wii u or xbox one but I don't think for all consoles

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