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Lavae, Hounds, and Volt Goats

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So I was just minding my own business and was having a great time running around as Wigfrid in the world; base is looking great, pretty much set up... so I thought I'd mess around with the Dragonfly... just out of range, a little bit off-screen, I admire her beauty... but her lair was flanked by hound mounds on both the south-east and north-east...


A couple of hounds wandered too close to her majesty and were dealt with pretty easily... then came their brethren... it was a slaughter but they still kept on coming... then she decides to summon her children to aid her...


Me: This should be good...


I position myself just south of the fray and sat down on the warm autumn desert floor as I ate my breakfast of bacon and eggs...


But as their mother was beating down hounds by the droves, the lavae came for me! Their mother was surrounded, but not overwhelmed...


They bypassed the hounds leaving them scorched and panicking... a couple of hounds tried to harass them but they were no match and ended up becoming meat for their brothers... Now the lavae are on my tail -- 6 of them!


I take out my ice staff and shoot it at the one closest to me... 1, 2, 3... it froze! But as I stood there, the other 5 were on me now. I burst into flame, my wooden armor insulating my flesh from most of the flame's tongues... I fling a water balloon above me and hoped it would also cool these infernal creatures... but their flames were too much for the measly bag of bloody water... I was a fool.


With no other option left, I became determined to dispatch these creatures... I pulled out my ice staff again and shot one with a cold blast, I dodge the incoming tackles and flank the one I shot... as they were trying to recover from the tackle, I shot two more blasts of frost at my target and it froze... the the four were readying themselves for another tackle but I dodged them... but I dodged wrong as I got too close to the frozen lavae... curiously, while being frozen, it still had the ability to singe me! But in no time at all, it burst into flames and scattered rocks all around... now to deal with the other four...


With less of them to worry about, I make short work of the rest... 1, 2, 3, FREEZE! 1, 2, 3, FREEZE! Dodge! 1, 2, 3, FREEZE! 1, 2, 3, FREEZE! 1, 2, 3, FREEZE!


I had one... but as I took a few steps, I saw that I was badly hurt... I could feel my heart beating laboriously... my armor worse for wear.


It was already mid-day and I had fooled around for too long, my compatriots toiling in the sun, tending the farms to which I have no love for... the drying racks however have been barren of good meat for some time now... only the meat of the dark beasts remain viable as the beefalo herds were too thin to be hunted... they must grow in numbers. The volt goats or as I call them unicorns have nearly disappeared leaving only the one I rescued from the hounds by magically transporting it to our camp in a fenced area made of hay... a foolish structure if you ask me but the "leader" doesn't want to spend too much of our rocks on a measly goat...


As I return home I see that the hounds are still on their path of destruction, the ground was littered with meat of the dark beasts along with their teeth and ashes that blow in the wind... but as I take a closer look, I see... Dragon Scales!


Do I dare risk it? I was already at death's door, but bringing this item back with me would bring me honor... and those meat and teeth would surely help.


I fiddle in my pockets for something to nourish me even a little... I have a walking cane, ice staff, 3 water balloonsgolden axgolden shovel, golden pickax, a miner hat, my trusty spear, my helm, a worn-out log suit, a tentacle spike for backup, some rocks I picked up from fallen lavae -- now I can build my unicorn some proper walls! -- and... yes!! I still have 4 Small Jerky! I consume this leathery meat and I feel a bit invigorated...


A walking cane in hand, I look on to the fray and see that the hounds are still putting up a fight... that should distract the Dragon... I make a break for it, first snatching the scales from beneath them...




I was hit, my wooden armor breaks! The hounds were wiped out!


I grab whatever teeth and meat I could and run!


She was on my tail now... my only hope is to reach the border.


It's too close now! SWIPE! My helm is almost spent, my health even more so.


The border! I made it... but it's still chasing me!!


I run... and I see a pond surrounded by berry bushes and a pile of twigs... as I was about to reach it, She stops, stomps, and with a face of both anger and frustration, she ascends the heavens...


I run back to my base with my chest puffed and the wind on my heels, I take the cobbled roads back to camp.


As sun sets on the forest, the light filtering through their bows, I take pride in myself that I can finally give my unicorn a proper home... the scale was just a consolation as it would become either a chest or a suit of armor to be worn by our "leader". I could keep it to myself and make a chest out in the woods and plant a spider den in front of it so it would be harder to find... I could keep some things to myself.


As the darkness crept in, I make it back to camp. Wilson (the leader) was cooking some seeds on the fire pit, taking in 5 mouthfuls... Willow, was looking terrible, shaking and looking around, paranoid. Wendy was playing with Abigail somewhere near the "burnable and basic resources" caches. She made a Top Hat for Willow. She used to have a pretty Tam o' Shanter but she neglected to repair it. Shame.


I wen to the ice box to find that the berries had already turned to rot and  there was some fresh meat, 2 of them... Willow did say she was going to hunt some Tall Birds... I took the rot and used them to fuel the dimming fire...


Me: I went to look at the Dragonfly and she was kcking hound butts.

Willow: Nce.

Me: Anyway, I snatched some monmeat and teeth while they weren't looking. I'll go ahead an make some bacon and eggs.

Wilson: Thanls.

Me: catch any rabbits?

*Wendy proceeds to a new chest*

Wendy: Here.

Me: K tnx.


*makes 5 bacon and eggs and keep one and put the rest in the icebox*

Me: They're in the icebox. Gonna use the tent. night :grin:

Wilson: nite

Wendy: Good Night

Wilson: haha night


The next morning, I take my hammer and some rocks and make about 18 stone wall segments and proceed to go to my unicorn's corral... but when I get there... it was gone... and so was he. All that was left was the Telelocator Focus.


I come back to camp and talked to Wilson.


Me: Where's the goat?

Wilson: We killed it *proceeds to brandish a Night Stick*

Me: YOU WHAT? */angry*

Wilson: Chill ok? It was just a goat. Plus now we have this.

Me: Just a goat? No! That was THE GOAT! it was the last one! */facepalm*

Me: I told you guys before that we need to wait till they repopulate! *Night Stick runs out*

Me: */angry* */facepalm*

Wilson: Uhh...

Willow: hahahahaha! XD

Wendy: */happy* */bonesaw*

Me: hahahaha! *bonesaw*

Me: *sigh* ok, fine... but don't do that again.

Wilson: Ok, sorry.


A few minutes later...

I made a piggy back from what remained of our furs and pelt chest, took some supplies like half a stack of cut grass, twigs, rocks, 10 flint, 15 gold nugget, 20 silk.


I pre-built my scale chest, birdcage, icebox, crock pot, drying rack, fire pit, flingomatic, alchemy engine, a tent and siesta lean-to, and a pig house.


I had already scouted an area in the farthest point in the spider forest and manicured large areas to make burning less of a threat by spacing most trees so that nearby trees won't catch on fire.


And that's where I stay now... :grin: I do however make drops at their camp like excess monster meats and silk, I stay some nights but now I keep most of what I find in my camp... like a few gems and stuff... does that make me a bad person?



EDIT: Accidentally turned this from a General Discussion into a Tale of life and death... O__O

Can someone move this please? :T

EDIT: Spelling and other errors

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It went off topic, but I was entertained none the less. 


As for the Larvae, they only target players and will target the nearest players. There is a few beefs I have with the AI for things like that. For example, two spider queens could attack Dragonfly, but she will chase after me after killing only one of the queens. The burning freezing Larvae is the only reason I suggest making scale mails before you try to kill the Dragonfly too. Those jerks will also hit players when they clearly missed (as do spider warriors and catcoons, but those guys aren't fasting moving, player targeting, heat stroke causing, fire starting, and mass spawning imbeciles who have 500 health and 50 attack).

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It went off topic

I was actually going to post something similar there but the juices were flowing so I just rolled with it. I was however about to copy and paste this on the Tales of Life and death and link that to a discussion... but I was in autopilot mode and blacked out and unconsciously pressed "post" O__O I already notified a moderator to move this so...


I should make another topic :)


but I was entertained none the less. 

Thanks :D

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@Asparagus, No problem I hate how I have good memory and then have bad memory when it comes to remembering stuff. And I think she says something about it being small for a big campaign by the way. Also...who plays willow anymore? and is she useful anymore sorry if i'm getting off topic. xD

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@Asparagus, I also like her character design she's the most kawaii out of all the girls on don't starve...I hope you don't think me saying kawaii with willow in the same sentence the wrong way...never mind. Also now that I think about she's probably a good starter character with beginners since she can craft lighters now, and it lasts really long now I think about it. xD

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