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In coding, Maxwell is occasionally referred to as Waxwell. The reason for that is...

...the player character (Waxwell) needs to be distinguishable from the NPC (Maxwell). They have many assets in common though.


Or there is a secret Maxwell Candle to be found! :razz:



I'm up for a Maxwell Waxwell candle. It could really... *puts on shades* shed some light on adventure mode.



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The NPC Maxwell you see at the start of a world is already refereed to as 'maxwell' in the code. The character version of him is a seperate entity so it can't be named the same, so they simply named in Waxwell.


In-game though, the name waxwell is replaced with Maxwell as a string, so he is only Waxwell in the code. It doesn't mean anything other than a joke.

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