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Alrighty, here's what happened. 


I had a survival going, I was about 70 days in. My survival was located in the 3rd slot of the available 4 at the time (I got RoG now so there are 5 available). I wanted to make another copy of my world so my little sis can play, so I went to 


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\100844453\219740\remote


I had another survival no one used in slot number 1, so in my remote folder, I found



along with all the other stuff there. 


I delete survival_1, so that should of been gone. I copied survival_3 and renamed those 2 worlds to survival_1 and survival_2. when I closed everything and opened my game, it was just as I left it, the world no-one played on, in slot 1, and my survival in slot 3. so I deleted both my worlds from my remote folder(I still have a backup of the survival I played in) then went IN-GAME to delete them as well. however as soon as I opened Don't Starve, in my remote folder I see survival_1 and survival_3, even though all my in-game slots are empty!


okay so my remote folder must be getting these saves from steam cloud, I disable steam cloud by going to 


from there I opened settings in a notepad and changed the steam setting to DISABLECLOUD = true 

I also went to the properties of Don't Starve through steam and unchecked the box that enables steam cloud. 


so now that steam cloud is off, I put my save into my remote folder, and I also put it in C:\Users\name]\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve/save.


So now that steam cloud is off, I shouldn't be getting my data over written. BUT when I launch don't starve my game slots are still empty. As you can see I am completely baffled, I placed my save in 2 different locations with cloud off but it doesn't appear in game. if I put my save in my remote folder with steam cloud on, steam cloud just overwrites it and it goes back to the way it was, which isn't really a problem since my world is saved in the cloud. BUT HOW COME DESPITE HAVING MY SAVE EVERYWHERE DOES IT NOT APPEAR IN MY FRICKEN GAME? it makes no sense having my save in 3 different locations, but once the survival is deleted in game the saves are virtually useless. Someone, ANYONE please help me, i just want my world back at this point and I'm very frustrated. I just wanna play some DS like everyone else :(


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@Flame1 Not sure what the problem is, might be a corrupted save. But if you're upset about not having all your things, you can just cheat them back in on a new world.


Use these commands in your console. Press grave accent ( ` ) to open it.

c_spawn("item_prefab", quantity) -- Spawns the item under your mouse cursorc_give("item_prefab", quantity) -- Gives you the item in your inventory

Replace item_prefab with the item's prefab name. See "..your_game_dir\data\scripts\prefabs" for the files containing the names.


Or, you know, just use this mod (RoG ver.)

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@Flame1 Hmm. Read your entire first post. You mentioned that you are able to retrieve the old file using steam cloud, why not do that to get it back?


I think the files are associated with their respective slots in another file ("profile"), so you can't just rename/copy then to fill multiple slots.

The files (profile, etc) are encoded, so you can't easily modify their content, but you can work around it using the game's json decoder in some sort of mod. It's a little advanced, so you'll have to do a bit of research and experimenting if you want to try that.

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Out of curiosity, I backed up all of my save data, then moved it elsewhere, disabled cloud backup in the text file(I already have cloud backup completely disabled for all steam games anyway), and loaded the game.  All the slots were empty as they should be.


I restored everything to what it was originally, and the slots are still empty <.<  Whelp.  There goes my day 462 (+ however long the two adventure modes took!) game, hah.


I briefly considered first testing through sandboxie to see exactly what was going on, but oh well ;)  I need to finish my taxes today, but I'll look into it when I get a chance.


After a cursory glance, the only "obvious" thing that I can see that might impede restoring your save files is that the remotecache.vdf file stores the file modification date, which gets changed when copying files over.  Don't know if it uses that as some sort of integrity check, though I don't know why it would when it also stores the creation time, file size, and SHA-1 hash.

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