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Disable the color filer? Lighting color? Colourcubes ambient lighting?

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Is there any way to make a Mod that will disable the extreme color filter?


Everything is so yellow/red in summer and then so blue/greenish in winter. I can not stand it because my character has blue skin and in summer it looks yellow.


I have searched the forums and google relentlessly, and only found maybe one or two topics that mention it.. but no answers.


I just want to be able to disable the colors all together if possible.


I want my character to look more like she does in Spriter.


The very few topics I have found that mention this:



this person wanted the same thing it seems, they never got any answers sadly =(





This thread mentions it a bit


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While I think of something elegant, you can put these files in a components folder inside your mod.


Thanks! That is very kind of you to try and help me ^^


I put it in a mod folder mods>AmbientFix>components>the files you uploaded.


No change in game, but i probably did it wrong. ^^;

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it should be mods/AmbientFix/scripts/components.



IT WORKS IT WORKS IT WORKS!!!!  AT LAST! No more orangey no colorness!


You should publish this on the workshop! I can not even believe how much better it is! when i look at old pictures i want to tear my eyes out! Its not even just my character, EVERYTHING looks better now! You are my hero!! You get ALL the cookies!



Thank you so much!! you just have no idea how happy I am! Now my blue skin can shine   :highly_amused:

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After the last update my game is now pitch black with the Ambient fix. Its like it is night only you don't die or anything. http://i.imgur.com/NAd0DhK.jpg


I am so sad... I do not want to play this game with out that horrible color filter disabled  :frown-new:


Can anyone help?


Thanks and sorry for the double post.

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Thanks, DarkXero. That was quick!

I do however have a problem with it. I can start a new game with the mod enabled but whenever I want to load up that save again, I get an error message. Maybe it is relevant to say that I have the standalone version from GOG.


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What is Point, btw?


Point is a function that takes three integers and returns a table.


A position in the map consists of x, y, z numbers.

local p = Point(x, y, z) is a table where p["x"]  equals x, p["y"] equals y, and p["z"] equals z.

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