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  1. YAY!!! it works!! THANK YOU!!!! Will i have to put this in all my characters modmain.lua's? =o No more covering up my character with grass and football helmets lol
  2. What mod main? Do I just stick in my character mod folder mod main?
  3. @DarkXero Oh I see, sadly this is not what I want. I want equips to be completely invisible to everyone. If it is even possible of course.
  4. Not sure what you mean? Like on every character or for everyone playing on just my character?
  5. Ohhh!! Oh i see! I missed the ghost anim file when i was renaming everything, so both my mods had the same name and it kept saying "this has already been compiled!" So now it works lol I feel silly. Thanks for the guide it helped me catch it was the renaming that i messed up on.
  6. So why is step 7 not mention anywhere? No mod tutorials, not on steam...? Does this mean even if i am not a modder and i downloaded more then one character from the steam workshop I would have to go into the mods and ad the other character mods into there modmain.lua? Right now I have two character mods, my custom character that has everything renamed, and the original ecs template character. I can load them both just fine individually, but when i try to activate them both the game crashes to desktop.
  7. It was my bad! I forgot to rename the Ghost anim folder DX Hmmm which method would be better? or does it really matter? THANK YOU!
  8. @Ryuushu Ohhhhh! I see now! Thanks so much! Now does this work for head equips? EDIT: This crashed my game =(
  9. Ok so me and my friend are working on a few characters. The problem we have is how do we use this template to make more then one custom Character? I know a lot of people have more then one custom character... but have not found anywhere how to do this? How do you change the Slot when you are using the same template for multiple characters?
  10. @Ryuushu I am sorry but... where do I put this? I have never modded anything before. Can you be more specific? Thank you.
  11. Can someone verify which pictures are which in this template? Especially the faces are hard to comprehend @__@ Also which picture is for the hair? (like Wilson hair) ?
  12. @Ryuushu THANK YOU!! I wish it was a MOD cause the script scares me lol Well I am drawing my original character, so I would rather her not be covered up all the time =3 Thanks again!
  13. Ehhh I am not sure if Bumping is allowed or not. *sigh* I guess this is not possible... My custom character will have to be covered up by a log suit T^T
  14. I actually have not made my MOD yet, still doing research and planning. So i can start with the DST mod pack. Hopefully that will make it easier for me lol