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The only thing that are aggressive towards you in this game at the moment are wild bees and spiders. Coincidencially, they are the only arthropods here. It would be nice if we could have more, like stingless bees that produce less honey and can't attack. Or scorpions and such. Maybe have a giant praying mantis. Maybe even cockroaches and crickets that can be kept as pets :wink: .

About larger wildlife- The only large hunt-able non-sentient animal here at the moment are beefalo, if you don't include pigs. I wonder what the megafauna update is about, but does it have elephants or gaur? Maybe even domesticate some of them. Or have animals that should be hunted using stealth. Probably animals who can hunt you such as tigers. That would be something to be wary of.

Plants- PLEASE add variety to the game's forest. I have never seen a forest that has only one kind of tree.Also, tall grass could give us an advantage when hunting for rabbits, as it allows us to stalk our prey... There should be more forageable fruit. No one could be a vegetarian like myself only eating carrots and berries. A jungle section and a desert section would be nice.

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More creatures are definitely coming. More importantly, we're trying to add creatures that introduce new mechanics. I think that we need to make the world a heck of a lot more dangerous for the player in the mid-game and beyond, so I'm focusing on that at the moment.The update that Tatham and I are working on right now should go live around Oct 9th. We are each working on a new creature. My creature is the first of the megafauna. It is a big, powerful thing that you will need to be careful around. What makes it interesting (I think) is in how it is triggered. I don't want to give too much away, but I will say that something in the game that has been entirely passive up until this point will start to push back.Tatham's creature is... weird. It is a more passive entity, but if you behave in a certain way around it, it will get angry at you. We actually have a further refinement for that guy that won't make it in the initial version, but should make it more interesting at a later date. As a part of the farming overhaul that I am working on, we are adding a bunch of new types of fruit and veggies. Oh, and at some point in the future there will be deciduous forests. That one might take a while, though :)

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