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Test generator.

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explored 3 of the new generated maps for 80% +

never found king piggy

also all the maps( new test ) had 3-4 buffaloes MAX ( on a giant grass island mind i say )

tough now i found one whit 12-15 of the buffalo's

still no king piggy :(

<< day 36 running out of gold

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First two maps with the new generator I've tried were badly bugged (with totally unreachable islands). The third one I'm on now I've only recently outlined to find out if it's actually a cohesive landmass (and it is). I'll be trying to fill the map out Soon to see if I can find a pig king anywhere.

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I love how the new map generator looks 'cause you never know what shape of island you will get, but it would be nice to have all the resources somewhere on the map and in decent amounts...I've yet to find pig king and I'm on my second map...I was about 75% cleared on the previous one so he might have had a few places to hide, but I doubt it.

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Fully explored 4 new maps so far and never saw a pig king, but it's ok there is ****load of rocks everywhere enough to live 300 - 400 days. And yeh... sad that there are no beffalo love anymore, but it's ok too. If I can't farm pumpkins and dragonfruit I farm bees and spiders. :twisted:

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