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  1. Looks like it works this way: lvl 1 > lvl 2 > lvl 3 > lvl 1 ready to hatch, on hold until player comes nearby.
  2. Not exactly. That part with living alone for eternity sounds like a gift. Surrounded with fears is worthy price for that.
  3. That for me it sounds like a gift, not like a punishment.
  4. Spider queen spawns only on approach, distant areas are sort of frozen... So if you are not there spider plague will not spread out. If this is what you want to know.
  5. Yes this is what happens if you are lazy to destroy groups of spider dens in areas you are interested in.
  6. Am I the only one idiot who eats only monster meat and honey?
  7. You don't need to destroy them. Queen will appear without your help. Just be patient.
  8. Fully explored 4 new maps so far and never saw a pig king, but it's ok there is ****load of rocks everywhere enough to live 300 - 400 days. And yeh... sad that there are no beffalo love anymore, but it's ok too. If I can't farm pumpkins and dragonfruit I farm bees and spiders.
  9. Well... lvl 3 den is pain in ass of course, but queen is no problem. Maybe 2 or 3 warriors will hatch one by one... Wolfgang can survive that. I want to try this, but apparently I will not post hours of videos. Maybe only important moments... Can show everything else as a journal.
  10. Ok just made a quick test with a new start. Day 1: Made a shovel and spent all day digging everything on the starting island. Night 1: Made 2 torches and explored around to find rocks (gold and stone for science machine). Also smashed a few slepping creatures to make toasted wabbit for dinner. Day 2: More digging and also collected stone and gold I found earlier. Night 2: Now I have a science machine and a camp fire. Roots to feed the machine: Grass - 52, B. Bushes - 7, Saplings - 38. Fed them all to the science machine. Day 3: Now I have 1940 research points. Learned how to make a rope and created 10 rope to feed science machine again. 2180 research points. Finished my breakfast and learned everything possible, including useless farms and silly hats. 410 Research points left.
  11. Very bad luck. I guess you need to stick to digging everything you see to feed your science machine. It will take much longer to unlock everything. Maybe 2 ingame days or even 3.
  12. If you use new map generator then you can try to build your base between bridges. God bless Z shaped briges, hounds and spiders just staying there stuck and waiting until you come to kill them. Downside is that bees stuck there too, which is annoying thing. Space bar is tricky for fighting, can make you dead in no time. Fighting serious enemies I preffer WASD for movement and mouse click for attack. Learning lessons is the point of the game. You make mistake and you pay for it with your life. Learn from it and don't repeat. If something goes wrong try different approach. Can't fight nests? Then stay away from them or make someone else fight for you.
  13. Explored completely 2 new maps already, none of them had kings. I think it's not included in the new map generator.