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  1. ik kan je er niet mee helpen zit zelf op steam sorry ( probeer support forum ) * in english ) i cant help u whit that i myself am using steam ( try support forum )
  2. U start whit only the left stide ( ore up side ) unlocked And after u gain experience / tech point / new buildings / new items u can unlock new talents / ability,s example left start right end http://www.civfanatics.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=1533&original=1&c=member&imageuser=128268 hope this explains enough for u
  3. Actually i like a balance between micro management and free time It all depends on the ingratiation and grind vs fun ration Yea 100% thumbs up for that Tough i wonder how the fridge will work out A bit ? only a bit XD
  4. yea your wright 90% of the use by / sell by date,s are either sucked out of the thumb or day,s weeks / years befour the actual expire date * in holland < where i live ( they opened canned patato mash ( from ww 1/2 ) and it was still eatable ( they did eat it to ) and also http://www.globalpost.com/dispatches/globalpost-blogs/weird-wide-web/man-tastes-64-year-old-can-lard << germany
  5. True its natural Tough i would rater have had a game where food was scares and hard to come by Then food that needed micro management But have not played the update so i can not tell u how good / bad it is
  6. yes 100% correct Thats why they need to set a day limit on the game ( as they have now ) most casuals can get to day 7 ) after that its a problem But i don't want an other farm vill What i would love is 4 staged game stage 1 (day 1-10 ) Easy time to build base and plan ahead Stage 2 ( day 11-25 ) small attacks and food starts to rot ( medium challenge ) Stage 3 ( day 26- 50 ) Game want to kill u ( but your base can still handle it ) stage 4 ( day 50 + ) Game wants to kill u and take over your base ( need 2 repair / build up base ever now and then ) and keep focused ( 1 mistake is death ) meat effigies rot away ever 7 day,s
  7. I know what your point is. But the problem whit making it ( casual ) friendly = u will make it suck / short lived. Don't get me wrong there needs to be a intro / nooby friendly option for the game. But if u make the game casual friendly u will end up whit a glorified farm vill Example is diablo ( 1-2 was complex and a mistake ( build / stuff ) made u waste hours of time ) jet it is one of the longest played online game,s ever Diablo 3 is ( noob . casual friendly ) look how that's going for them ( high sales yes $$ but most players left after 2 months and still more every day ) Point is Make a game to complicated ( IA dwarf fortress ) and ull have a small player base Make a game to casual ( and ull have a big player base but no longevity U need to find the balance in between << the hard part As in casuals can play somewhat easy ( first 7-10 day,s ) but after that u will not survive long whit out thinking/planning Problem whit casual is they kind of want fast easy games ( whit hardly any challenge but good looks )thus making this game last 1-2 weeks for most If the controls are ( good ) And the game mechanics fluid / not cluttered And a good amount of challenge U will pull more casuals as u might think But make the game to easy and u will loze most supporters / backers ( peeps that made game possible ) I would not buy a beta of farm vill for example would u ?
  8. So whit the new patch we get food spoilage. And later on we will get the tech tree. I am starting to feel this game is going the right direction. If they can balance out the tech tree vs food spoilage. They will have a brilliant jewel of a game in there hands ( its a brilliant game already ) not a jewel yet. If they balance it well and the game will be harder And the benefits of higher tech tree ( multiple way,s to go / cant get all ) They will have made a game thats kind of like a rogue like << witch i love ) But totally different But its still beta *( just wanted to say keep it up !! love u )
  9. best of both worlds Option to enable ore disable this ( done )
  10. If it come,s out I would probably make many rabbit traps / chest And just store the living rabbits in chests for the winter ( don't worry ill add some grass ) This should be changed to then XD
  11. Make game that don't follow mainstream Make the visuals look unorthodox but good Make the controls control well Talk back to the community ( even whit joke,s ) And don't ignore a lot/no responds ( aka blizzard atm ) and u have a winner
  12. u can give the key,s away ( or trade them ) Just remember add 1 key to your steam ( and give 1 key to your friend to add to steam and never make him add to chrome ) And the other key,s ( tell your friends to never add them to steam but chrome only ) have fun
  13. Problem here is 1. No beta / demo 2. They launched a week ago ( if they blocked all non paying accounts after 4-7 day,s of use ) stating demo ended They could have sold a lot more copies 3. Everything server side * server side IA omg ( if it was local it would not have taxed there servers ) 4. Pirate,s will always be there ( especial on mobile devices <<kids cant afford to pay a phone + games So yea in a sens they killed themselves Tough i think its bad to ( FULLY ) play a pirated game I pirate every game there is on the p.c Play it for 30 min - 2 h ( and if i like it ill buy it ) Sins there are hardly any demo,s any more the only way to get a peek is to download the pirated copy Best was if devs made a demo 2-4 weeks b4 release ( then every one could download / play that ) End would get a lot of players that like it to buy it on release