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Ultimate PVP Tactics (Videos)

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TUNING.GUNPOWDER_DAMAGE = 5AddPrefabPostInit("gunpowder",function(inst)	inst:RemoveComponent("stackable")end)



You may as well attach the fireworks fx to that because now it's useless. :-)


Although you can make players and not monsters immune to the explosion damage.


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The problem isn't gunpowder, it's the pan-flute.  Fixing gunpowder won't stop someone from:


1.  Dropping you near a tree and then lighting it on fire.

2.  Putting flammables down next to you, lighting them.

3.  Leading a hostile mob to you.


or my personal favorite (from personal experience)


4.  In winter, napping you, then turning on a flingomatic, then starting fires near you so the flingomatic puts them out, which gets you a bit wet, then wetter, then completely wet, and then you freeze to death.


I'm telling y'all, the gunpowder is incidental, and frankly meaningless.

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