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I love the game, and the first time I played I found rocks and trees etc. However, after many plays, I have not seen a beefalo, and pig men only once. I seem to only get the forest and grassy biomes. I do get the occasional Rocky biome, and occasionally the swamp one. I do see the beefalo biome, but it is so small, nothing grows there. Not sure if a bug or not, I have spent 4 days straight (in game) searching for these biomes, and can't find them.



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Are you using the new beta map generator or the "old" one?

The new one apparently has troubles generating beefalos and pig kings sometimes.

both, but just tried the old one, and got beefalo relatively near! Was a shock and I'm not complaining, love the game, just without manure and rocks etc, the game is harder. However, I had a pig man and everything I needed, pig house, boards, stone, gold etc , just needed to put them together, and the bugger turned into were pig and killed me :L

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