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  1. both, but just tried the old one, and got beefalo relatively near! Was a shock and I'm not complaining, love the game, just without manure and rocks etc, the game is harder. However, I had a pig man and everything I needed, pig house, boards, stone, gold etc , just needed to put them together, and the bugger turned into were pig and killed me :L
  2. I love the game, and the first time I played I found rocks and trees etc. However, after many plays, I have not seen a beefalo, and pig men only once. I seem to only get the forest and grassy biomes. I do get the occasional Rocky biome, and occasionally the swamp one. I do see the beefalo biome, but it is so small, nothing grows there. Not sure if a bug or not, I have spent 4 days straight (in game) searching for these biomes, and can't find them. Thanks Sehp