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Spider queens at day 5?

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I started to host a new map and while exploring found a pig village in day 5 of the game. There were like 10 or more lvl 3 spider nests all next to eachother and that night one of them turned into a queen. While trying to take down all the nests by day 10 I finally gave up and had 8 spider nests in my inv and had killed 3 queens. There were still a few nests left and as I was following the road the other direction at the end of it there were 5 more lvl 3 spider nests that I saw...


Luckily I was playing a worrior type character but what gets me is I didn't do anything in the settings for generating the world and I'm not using any mods that would affect generating the world. I have never come accross such a hostile world before and wondering if any of you have? I mean ya near pig villages there's always a lot of spider nests but I've never seen this many in one place let alone all but like 2 of them were already lvl 3's and spawning queens...

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Oh wow I didn't realize. But wondering what does it mean by set peices?

Set pieces aka boons are some already generated "events" that randomly generate in your world. Some will always spawn like the teleportato things and some will appear very rarely like The Queen's Gathering set piece which you saw. 


EDIT: Also, how did you kill 3 queens on day 10? Just curious.

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