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  1. For the challenge. I've done eternal winter havent done eternal summer yet
  2. Hmm something I've done before is eternal seasons like eternal winter or eternal summer. Or maybe make winter or summer which ever is harder for you personally and make it the longest season and all the other seasons short. Or maybe after a set x amount of days all you can eat is a cetain type of food and nothing else. Or have like 4-6 friends play with you on low food settings.
  3. Another one is show them how to keep their view always north and if they have to switch to switch back when done. That way you always know where you are and which way to go when needed. Like if you press e or q 4 times you are now looking south. But as for teaching then to gather nightmare fuel I think that would be one of the last things you teach them. Maybe even teach them how to survive without a base as if you are on pvp or even pve and someone griefs your base you'd either rage quit or start over again and if it's in the middle of winter/summer unless you know what your doing it would be almost impossible for new players to survive.
  4. Charlie has been sighted!

    The way that attack is it almost seems as though shes trying to drain your soul or at least rip it out of you.