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[Request] Remove option to attack Chester

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Sometimes when Chester, my faithful bait companion is getting chewed on by spiders, hounds and the like, I end up giving ol' Ches a good whack with my spear when I actually want to hit the thing that's biting him.


Also sometimes the old red mist comes down and after I've killed a dog I often find myself stepping over and giving Chester a good whop, which is terribly unfair and a waste of good spear-uses.


Any idea on whether it'd be possible to mod Chester so I can't attack him?

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I think what you are looking for is No Force Attack Chester.  Also you can use the attack key (which is F by default) instead of left clicking hostile creatures to attack them. Pressing F will make your character attack the closest hostile creature. So even if a spider is very close to Chester pressing F won't make you attack Chester but only attack the spider. If you do want to attack Chester (for what ever reason), you can hold ctrl and left click Chester.


If you already knew about the F and Ctrl+F attack options, I'm sorry. The mod that I mentioned above does however stop you from attacking Chester with left clicks even if you are currently wielding a weapon/tool, unless you hold Ctrl that would allow you to force attack any neutral creature(bunnies, butterflies, and this includes Chester.)


Hope that helps. Good luck and have fun, cheers!

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