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Help! Winter

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So it was day 21 and it was my first time playing this game after watching guides and reveiws on it, I built my 5 improved farms, 3 drying racks, 1 crock pot and just built my first bee box on day 20, I thaught that I would have enough time to stack up on winter supplies for winter but the day after I built my bee box (day 21), Winter came! at first I thaught that I could quickly kill a few pigs and beefalo to keep my hunger and sanity up for the first 10-15 days of winter but then my ham-bat had gone stale and was on 14% durability, I quickly built a spear and killed a beefalo which I had to eat straight away or I would have been in a very bad position to start Winter off, after I got home I built a heat stone and a beefalo hat.Next day, day 22, So I was out of logs,meat and now growable food due to snow also out of manure, I survived day 22 on stale seeds.Now present day, 23, all out of all food,logs and growable food and penguin`s made a little hut 5 screens away from my base.

Any advice on how to survive my first Winter unprepared?

Any advice would be very much helpful and please I know im a noob and I stop posting on fourms so don`t say those things, If you don`t have anything nice to say, don`t say anything at all.

Thanks and bye.

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It's better to setup food supplies that aren't season dependent. Like eggs from bird cage and monster meat. (Beeboxes and farms are season dependent.)

  • Try to build a birdcage early on. You can feed the bird cooked monster meat to get eggs. For monster meat, you can either get it from the periodic hound attacks or spiders. Put 1 monster meat + 3 eggs in crockpot to make meatballs. If you have an extra piece of meat, you can make bacon and eggs instead.
  • You don't need a weapon to get monster meat from spiders. Just plant rabbit traps near the nest and lead the spiders to it.
  • If you have monster meat or a morsel and want a larger piece of meat, befriend a pig. Click attack on another pig or beefalo, then cancel the attack. Your friend will continue to attack and get itself murdered. Pick up the drop before the other pigs do and eat Twinkie or Porky or Galenius.
  • As for the beebox, you already learned from your previous game, if it's almost Winter/Day 20, you're better off using the resources + time to build something else. I don't use honey a lot, so I usually build beeboxes after first winter. I find them to time consuming to setup with the catching bees + getting honeycomb + planting butterflies thing. And by the time I manage to set them up, it's almost first Winter anyway. :(
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Sorry to hear you died. Winter can be survived unprepared, but it's not likely to be accomplished by someone new to the game. Applebottom has already given some good advice to survive Winter in a next playthrough, to which I'd like to add a few (assuming vanilla and not RoG).


  • That birdcage early on isn't just good to turn monster or bad meat into eggs, but also to get more seeds of whatever crop you feed the bird. This way, you can focus farming and for a first winter it's useful to have a field with dragonfruits, because 1 dragonfruit + 3 twigs = dragonfruit pie. If you need crops to hurry up growing (for instance because winter is coming), you can fertilize them with two poop.
  • A garden of berry bushes can be a very useful food supply if you put one trap in front of each bush. If a Gobbler comes out when you harvest, it will be killed with just that one trap, meaning that all you are missing is one other piece of meat for turkey dinner. Berry bushes, like crops, don't grow in winter, but the berries grown on them before winter will not spoil until picked.
  • Honey is a great food resource for winter, but given all the requirements, it's not one worth focussing on for the first winter. Crops, Birdcages, and Berry Bush gardens are much more manageable.
  • You should already have some idea on your favored meat supply when you set up base. Rabbits, beefalos, pigs, or spiders? Pigs and spiders are easy to combine and provide for a lot of monster meat and the occasional regular meat. Just don't get caught in any fights yourself and be careful of a full moon. Rabbits are safe meat, but not very filling. And beefalo are easy to kite or lead to traps and drop a lot of meat + supplies for a winter helmet, but you have to know what you are doing and/or have traps ready.
  • Penguins are a terrible source of food, being high risk and low reward. Best case scenario is that they camp near beefalos and they go into heat or near pigs and you can get them to attack each other. Obvs the pigs will eat the spoils if you aren't fast, so keep that in mind. 
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Thank`s everyonefor the reply`s, really helpfull advice shown here and will try to use all of it to my advantage in the coming winter, espically liked the idea of putting traps at spider nests so I don`t need a wepon and piggies wont be eating my meat (stupid pigs), anyway thank`s again everyone who replied to my help request.

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