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Treeguard corral?

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Is there a way to have Treeguards stay in one spot?


I want to build a telelocator focus and teleport Treeguards to a central area, so that when Giants come, I can use the Treeguards as defense measures.  But, I don't want the Treeguards roaming around.  And, I want it to be easy for me to get in and out of, so that if I'm running away from something scary, I can just run into the Treeguard pen.  So, it can't be completely walled in.


Can treeguards fit through gaps in walls?  Like, Koalefant can't fit through a single space gap in a wall, so my Koalefant pen is basically open for me to walk through but closed to them.  Are Treeguards similar?


If I telelocate them to an area, will they just stay there if I don't aggro them?  Will they just fold up into tree form and sit until something attacks them?


Any tips? Suggestions?

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