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Wilson and flowers! (and pig?)

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I was doodling one day with photoshop when suddenly  I got a huge urge to draw something from Don't Starve because of the art style. I worked on this for awhile and then result was this:



The story behind this is: When we played that new Don't Starve Together with my friend, we got to learn much more things we didn't discover before in single-player game sessions. We were thinking about how to get more poop for fertilizing, and giving a carrot to the pig was just too expensive. (Carrots don't reproduce, until you have a field, and even then growing the carrot will take a lot of time) We then find out that you can give them petals for exchange to poop, which was just so much more better option. But then we ran out of flowers and thought that is there any way to reproduce flowers and it was this. So yeah.. 

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