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  1. Gah... Finally, It's done! I learned how to use a whole program just to do animated version for the new character: WX-78! I made a wallpaper too because my friend requested it and I could upload it to this site as a thumbnail. I'm glad that I got this piece finally done. TO THE NEXT ONE SHALL WE GO
  2. Due the fact that I decided to move to a new apartment the new potrait is still taking a little time, AND I decided I would do something that I have never done before but always wanted to with the upcoming piece. But for now, here's a little sneaky peek what I meant with "something new": (yo that's one a laggy gif)
  3. There's one character in a mid-way of process, one that is quite special.
  4. Wendy has some serious design that I like in her, and the ghost makes everything even better. She will probably come out sooner or later in the future among some other characters.
  5. I hereby vote you awesome!

    1. ImDaMisterL


      Ikr? This dude rocks!

  6. Hello every little ballspider who has ended up in this page, I'll probably will be doing a series of Don't starve character potraits on this topic. These take a lot of time to make but I'll update this page always when I get a new one ready for baking! I hope you enjoy! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Realistic Wilson 'n butterfly Realistic WX-78 n' wallpaper HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ANIMATED VERSION ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks!
  7. I was doodling one day with photoshop when suddenly I got a huge urge to draw something from Don't Starve because of the art style. I worked on this for awhile and then result was this: The story behind this is: When we played that new Don't Starve Together with my friend, we got to learn much more things we didn't discover before in single-player game sessions. We were thinking about how to get more poop for fertilizing, and giving a carrot to the pig was just too expensive. (Carrots don't reproduce, until you have a field, and even then growing the carrot will take a lot of time) We then find out that you can give them petals for exchange to poop, which was just so much more better option. But then we ran out of flowers and thought that is there any way to reproduce flowers and it was this. So yeah..