Crossing Oceans (The Infinite World Proposal)

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Hi! I'm new, so I don't know if this has been suggested or being implemented in any way, but here's my perspective:


Let me preface by saying that Don't Starve is one of my favorite games, even though I only discovered it a week ago. So I don't dislike the game in any way. But open world games should be infinitely open world. At least in survival. So here's what I propose:


  1. When the world is generated, it is considered World (0,0) [not shown to player, just for reference]
  2. With a science machine, you can make boats. (Maybe you can make a bigger/better boat with an alchemy machine)
  3. You can travel across the ocean. It takes 3-7 days, so you have to bring a lot of supplies with you.
  4. There can be problems along the way, like storms and heavy water, or sea monsters.
  5. Depending on which direction you left in, you could go to World (1,0) or (0,1) or (-1,0) or (0,-1). When it is determined that you arrive at the new world, a loading screen appears and it generates that world. Now you can go between worlds and get twice as many supplies if you wish. Or visit other worlds. Anything on the cartesian plane is possible, except it doesn't generate the world until you try to visit it.


What this solves:

  • Open world really means open world.
  • Resources that used to be finite are now theoretically infinite but still rare and hard to get.
  • Exploration expands immensely (Each world outside of the main world could even have a theme. As in, each world could have a different set of spawn values, like a world of tons of rabbits or pure rockylands)

Potential challenges:

  • Maybe there's an issue with data storage on a growing save file?
  • Would the game become hard to manage as more worlds are stored? Or is this okay because only one world is loaded at a time?


In theory, since there's already adventure mode which saves your world, you could apply this concept to regular survival mode and save other worlds. Are there more challenges I'm not considering? What do you guys think?

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I think this would make the game a bit too much complicated, especially for new players. Its true, its an open world, but as everything theres have to be some limits ! More than that i think it would require an enormous amount of coding as what you want would completely change the hard core coding of the game itself !


Otherwise where's the challenge of survival ? You have a certain amount of land to survive, you don't like it ? Go through the portal and change world !

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But open world games should be infinitely open world

Except when it comes to things like pocket dimensions and mini universes. DS falls into those categories  (remember this world was accessed through a book).


Really the game setting of DS doesnt lead to a situation where infinite worlds makes any more sense than limited space ones.  And with the number of entities DS can have in a world it makes memory management / cpu management far FAR easier by having the portal mechanic where you just move on to a new world if you are done with your current area.  Why should the old area need to be kept aroun if it is no longer relevant to you?

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I like most of these ideas, although there shouldn't be infinite worlds, it would be cool to travel to islands, some islands may have items unobtainable on the mainland.


To prevent having infinite worlds, perhaps if you go far enough, the waves get really choppy, and your character says "I have to go back!" or something like that. 

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