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What is your best random generated map ever? [Post it here]

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So what is your most favorite, most exciting, most interesting random generated map you've ever encountered.

And also why?

If you don't have a screenshot of it do like me, use your creative skills and express it your way.


The reason why I like this map is because the biomes in this case slowly built up towards weirder and more challenging environments and creatures. Starting of in Grassland everything is simple and clear, plenty of recources and not many troubles. The second biome, seperated by a quite long bridge making the transitions more tangible, had less resources and no new threats, but a great new feature called the Beefalo.

Once I had my camp started this second biome was enough to experiment with for some time. This mostly provided for scarce boulders and manure (and plenty of grass for farmplots). Until I felt save to venture even further, meaning having enough food that is.

It was quite exciting to enter the second bridge, which I already spotted multiple times while striding through the second biome. With my backpack filled with plenty of foods, materials and a much desired spear and logsuit I set foot on the bridge. It was already halfway through the day because I packed my bag carefully, so I hoped to find some shelter in time. The bridge was already quite long (longer than the first?) and to my amazement I came across a crossroad! What to do? Go back? Maybe the next bridges are so long that I'll have to camp on top of it and travel next day again. Are the Dev's playing a joke on me? Hmm do I have enough food? Yes, I could try and walk as far as I can get and still have enough food for a two day trip back home if it leads nowhere. I decide. I'll go left, somehow it feels saver there, it's closer to the starting biome. No matter what I'll encounter there I can always go back. I start walking. This bridge is even longer then the first two! Maybe double (doesn't show in pic, but it felt like it)! Finally I see the pink soil grow in my view when I set foot in a Marshland. The road looms ahead digging it's way even deeper to the West. I keep quite and take a deep breath to behold the new area I find myself in. A pool to North bubbles and gleams with noxious gasses. A toad-like creature is gaping at me with it's deformed head. I don't like that look.. What's that?! Fangs on top of it's head?! Is that why it's slowly bobbing in my direction? What's it's called anyways? Let's see if it's hostile. Wow what that?! A pink tentacle tries to free itself from the ground. I'm running back to the road. Pfew, they don't tend to appear on roads. Let's attack it. Bring it! I equip my spear and set my foot on the Marshlands. The tentacle rises. I poke it once. I'm too slow to get back for it's blow. I'm struck. All my loot sprays in a circle through the air. I forgot to equip my logsuit still residing patiently in my backpack...

This was my best experience ever with a random map. I still don't know what was up ahead on the other bridges. And unfortunately I rerolled it for some other reasons. I replayed it for at leat 10 times or so, but never got that far as then (day 20). So farewell unexplored map.

So what's your best experience with a map?

Maybe the Dev's can make some premade-maps out of it for starters.

Kind regards, Karisuto

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Ah, I see I still have a screenshot of part of this map made on another attempt with Willow instead of Wilson. I see now the Savannah biome is much larger than the first biome. Maybe that explains the extremely long bridges (that could be a nice feature as well). So this is all I could salvage from my best experience with this game until now.


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Well, personally i'm kinda fond of my first world that I actually survived long enough in to explore, (3rd map generated I think, the first two were me getting used to the game aka. "Ooooooo a frog, I wonder if that's edible" *gets murdered by three tentacles grouped together*) twas a good map to learn the game in, its from the 27th november patch I think.

The map:


There were 11 beehives total. (I broke one of the ones around where the group of 8 is.)

Personally though i'm enjoying the new experimental map gen. So far in my first map generated its doing exactly as I asked and making it a tiny bit more difficult, so far a single beehive, one beefalo named jeremy and day long treks to get anywhere as well as quite a few nice peninsulas for me to make a base in, and lots of cool "scenic route" bridges. (Like the one across the lake :D)

Still exploring this one so pardon the incompletion.


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lol that last one looks like an interesting maze ^

This map was fun, I spawned in the north with the tallbirds and found the perfect location for a base to the south. My base had a beefalo farm, a massive amount of bunnies, and grass grows naturally everywhere. I built a wide double fire pit diagonally so I had plenty of room to work with at night. I planted berry bushes on each side of my base (40 in total), trees, and saplings. The pig king at the north gave me sanctuary for mining runs. I would bring him plenty of bunny morsels for his kindness. While I was exploring I could head back to base with a torch and murder all of the cute bunnies that fell asleep in the grass. Around day 40, the naughty and nice patch came out, and I started getting two krampus' each night for the bunny slaughter. And I started farming berry bushes at night so the turkeys will go to sleep.


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Still exploring this one so pardon the incompletion.

lol that last one looks like an interesting maze ^

I agree, that jagged road looks interesting, wonder if that's a different algorithm, haven't seen it before.

Nice stories, it's fun to see the gameplay change over time. Less bridges now I suppose and more biomes within biomes. If you look carefully you can see tiny light green and red biomes within bigger ones now, that's new as well. I hope there will still be a certain chance for 'scenic bridges' to appear. It really gives a feel of transition and a moment of peace in my opinion.

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This is my current map. My first-run for this map is pure map exploration, which is this image. Currently I have a new game on this map, and it's really great. Still haven't found the Pig King though, don't even know if there is one.


It's incredibly big - I ran until I died, stopping only to make torches, and takes me 8 in-game days to reach where I died (You can tell where I suddenly stopped, on the top-left corner of the map).

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Here is my current favorite map, I've been in it for a few lives now.


pig village by my camp is man made, both convenient for army purposes. Beefalo are close by for hound purposes, and the area west of the of that and south of the forest that connects to the savanna is a large swamp. but the tiny swamp in the forest has a few reeds that I've been using casually so I've ignored that for now.

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