Armor! Stone Armor, Gold Armor!

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Hi. Just an idea... I was thinking that maybe diferent kinds of armor would be nice, we already have this wood armor, but adding Stone Armor (requiring the same materials for wood armor and adding Squared Stone Blocks and Silk (as glue) to the requiriments) that would be nice, stronger armor. And also making Gold armor, requiring the same materials as the stone armor, but adding gold of course... the same as stone armor... but prettier... (gold is acctually not a strong material).And a SlingShot would be interesting to see too. What do you think?

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Hmm, i really like the slingshot idea! But i think the log suit is kinda op so if they made gold armor the logsuit NEED AF NERF... And if they make the gold armor, i think the player would have to make an anvil or something to make the gold armor! Nice idea though :-P

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