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  1. Hmm, it doesnt work with DxTory. And i hate fraps doesnt work that good on my pc
  2. When i try to record the fpc counter doesnt show up, and i cant record. Have you had this issue?? Or is it just me, i have tryed fraps and dxtory none of them work...
  3. I doesnt work with fraps either, and i think your wrong dude. DxTory is much better than fraps i all situations, and. The question wasnt "Whic is better" But "How can i record this stuff". Because none of the programs work, the fps counter doesnt show, up.. But it works in all other games! Im sorry if i sound negative
  4. Hey guys i love this game, and the games community on the forums! Im Danish my self and i kinda want the Danish community to see how awesome this game is. My idea was a lets play series, but when i boot up the game the fps counter for dxtory wont pop up. I really dont know what to do about it. Can you guys help??
  5. And now its implementet! Awesome suggestion, i just used it ingame! Fantastic tool!
  6. I didnt post this to say anything bad about the game. Only because i was pretty suprised when i found it, and thought it was funny.Is this a bug? Or have you eksperienced this aswell?
  7. In the middle of the berrybushes there is 3 pig houses
  8. Lollies and Cookies? How the heck do i get that stuff? (Im sorry if i sound a little negative, this insanity stuff is really pissing med off)
  9. Hi guys! Hope you enjoy the new update. Cause i dont!I always get killed from those scary shadow ****ers! How do i get my sanity down? Other than sleeping and collecting flowers?Dont say "just make the top hat or the dapper vest" Cause i wont survive up to the point where i can make these things!
  10. Hey guys, just wanted to ask a little question. What do you eat when you are on low health?
  11. Cool! I think it would be nice if Wilson gets fat when eating when not hungry (Grinding health)
  12. I think that if this should be implemented they should make so you only could save betwenn five days or so, so you can risk to lose 5 days f ingame play if you die
  13. The idea with food rotting is kinda cool, but again there is some things i dont like. I think it would be nice if colecting food in the winter would be almost impossible, so while you have summer you NEED to scavenge A LOT of food for winter, but if the food just spoils then that idea is dead... Nice ideas with birds stealing crops though
  14. DXTORY!! So amasing dont use bandicam.. thats crap - - - Updated - - - DXTORY!! So amasing dont use bandicam.. thats crap
  15. Bee box!! I didnt made that!! I will do it!!
  16. Hey guys hust reached day 50 (i know its not that much) and i kinda got stuck.. I dont now what to do. So i thougt you guys might have some ideas.
  17. I dont know how fast it goes, but in my world, i have killed them AND taken the eggs, multiple times. Its a really good source of food for me.
  18. Hmm, i really like the slingshot idea! But i think the log suit is kinda op so if they made gold armor the logsuit NEED AF NERF... And if they make the gold armor, i think the player would have to make an anvil or something to make the gold armor! Nice idea though
  19. hmm, i dont think they should make the bees drop more.. I think the easiest solution would be, to just increas the spawning of bee hives when generating the world, then the red hounds cant burn all of then plus it wont be too OP