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  1. does the update fit with the old world that you have?
  2. Ill try it, I was trying with beemines but they are pretty expensive so I'll try it EDIT: Oh the warrior spiders do not enter in those traps X.X EDIT²: How did get those nests to put them together? pls aswer me =D
  3. IT WORKED THANKS =D, Btw if it is a tier 3 nest will it drop egs by burning them? EDIT: Nooooo Don't drop the eggss =(((((((((
  4. Hey people thx for the answers but i don't know how to burn them!! The torch doesn't work!!!!
  5. But the burning method burn the loot? Like if you burn the nest it wont drop the eggs or silk, and how do you burn the spiders?? There's A LOT haahahaha
  6. not yet, but traps like bee mines? or that tooth traps? I have seen a guy saying that he uses the flute to make them sleep and then kills everyone of it, do u know if that work? - - - Updated - - - im doing it for the silk and the eggs, do fire darts burn the loot?
  7. Hi Guys I recently aquired the game and im kind of a newbie, im on day 45 i think and im having a problem with spider nests tier 3, there go out so much spider warriors and i can't kill them with logsuits or football helmet, so im asking for help here im more experient persons could help me i would aprecciate too much!!!!:-P:-P:-P
  8. Brilliant idea, but do you guys know a tactic to kill e spider nest tier 3? im having problems using onlya logsuit!!!